Can PC ver run controller AND mouse at the same time?

I can’t WASD without great annoyance and was wondering if the PC version will let me use my Xbox Elite controller and a mouse at the same time so that I can move with the left hand and aim with the right.

Not sure if this is possible.
But if you’re right handed, can you imagine not being able to press RB to reload quickly?
B button to melee, running and rolling, picking up meatshield, picking up weapons, executions… etc.

I can’t see why not. Although I don’t know how you’d control it like that. How are you going to use the face buttons, analog stick and mouse at the same time?

I found it really hard to use the keyboard for movement in Gears at first… But if you stick with it, you can get pretty good with it

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The way my elite controller is set up on Xbox, I only use B and Y on the face, X and A are reassigned to paddles. With the way I play, a multi button mouse would be ideal (I actually put a lot of thought into it, for months now ). The one thing I dislike about a controller is aiming with the right stick. It’s very counter intuitive for me. Before I pull the trigger on a very expensive gaming rig, I just want to make sure my favorite game is going to allow me to use the elite controller at the same time as the mouse.

I hope you get your answer but when I used to play, pressing a button on the controller changes the input to controller and going back to keyboard would take a tiny delay.

Could be different now but that’s what I remeber.

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Yes it’s possible. My friend does exactly what you’re talking about. He’s really good at the game too.


I’ve also used this method, works well with a MMO mouse. Lot of buttons to keybind’

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Thx guys! I’m about to drop $1,600 on parts for a new rig and I’m trying to make sure I’m not going to run into any ugly surprises. Gears 4 is what I play 90% of the time so I’m pretty much getting this for Gears 4 and 5.

Haha I’m that friend API is talking about. Yes you can. And onces you master controller elite and mouse you can’t go back to wasd. Add me and I can give you some tips of how to configure it to maximize gameplay.

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You are awesome. Thx. I’ll add you on my main main acct and message you when I get this PC built in a couple weeks.

BTW, I recognize your tag. My team has been wrecked by you before so I’m looking forward to learning your control scheme. Lol.

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I do not use controllers because I’m god awful at it but I did have a PS4 hooked to Win10 and I could use that… or I could jump on my mouse and keys… this is without changing anything.

They are simultaneous.

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Rather than make a new thread, I’ll add this Q here ;
Do I need to buy the digital download even this though I own two copies of the disc? Also, do I still get my season pass and black steel characters that I got when playing on my Xbox if I use that same acct?

Yes you need the digital download from MS store. The Xbox disc version can NOT be used on the PC.
I also switched from xbox one S to PC, but will be back on Xbox One X in about a month. The PC version looks pretty good with all on max, got a GTX1080. However there are lots of bugs with it.


bugs that have been around for almost a year. But hey… we get cool new skins though :frowning:

C’mon TC…

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Have often thought a combination of tournament controller settings on left hand and the rest on right hand mouse would be demonic in this game for pc…

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