Can no longer kick people from custom lobby?

Is this new update a joke… as if it isn’t bad enough that we can’t kick people who join our custom games to leech off us or troll. (When the horrific server causes an issue and boors somebody). Now we can’t even kick people who come into our lobbies before the game starts? Gears seriously sucks. They have killed horde and any enjoyment this game used to be. Seriously the game caters to noobs and trollls. Let me know if the fix this and I maybe back.


Epic didn’t make gears ue, 4 or 5. That’s the coalition.

Please direct your frustrations towards them :+1:

The good old days of epic games gears is a distant memory now


It’s a disaster. I refunded my Steam purchase when I saw this. (Xbox game pass expired).

I feel your pain man. Especially when you know there is a bad player that keeps joining your lobby and you can’t do anything about it. They need to revert this back