Can I please play with English speakers in my region!

Why, Why, Why do I play with only spanish speakers with high pings. I live 20 min from Washington DC. Why??? How do I know what server I’m connected to, because I really suspect I’m playing with Florida. I have it set for “better ping” and I still get 3 digit pings in my matches all the time. Literally 95% of communication is spanish.
Please. Why can’t I play with good ping people that I can communicate with. My ping for East server is 1-2.


Asking why, is a bit like asking… if Apple made a car, would it have Windows.


DC and FL would be the same “home” server

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I would expect FL to be south, and DC to be East. My ping on East is 1-2. My ping on South is 20s. My pink in ranked is always 20s. Do no English speakers in my region play this game?
In quickmatch I have a low ping but not in ranked.


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Florida is 900+ miles away. There are 3 states plus almost all of Virginia between me and Florida.
Why is my ping low in quickmatch but not ranked?

these are the servers available to you. you’re connecting to players from Mexico because we share the same region. North America

quickmatch doesn’t need to take Ranks into consideration. that alone could mean placing you into a server further away to get even match-ups.

I’m around 50/50 when it comes to playing on my closest server, US West.

EDIT: found a map to help show where these servers are




I just played a match where the top player had a consistent ping in the 160s. One other player was consistent in the low 100s. 2 others vacillated between high double digits and low triple digits. One player spiked into the 500s briefly.
I am set to “lowest ping” as my search option.
It doesn’t make sense to me.
Why doesn’t TC or whomever come on these forums and explain this stuff? It’d be nice to have some transparency on why it’s like this.

Me seeing “el” gamer tags, “jaja” in the chat box, and pings above 90 on my screen and wondering how this match will go…


Literally 1 match out of 100+ have I or any teammates had a ping less than 20. In that one match several players had pings of 15 or less and nobody had high pings. It was glorious. And that tells me that it can be done!

Until now I have minimally played ranked ever on gears (since Gears 2), for the most part because of the ping situation. It just sucked compared to quickmatches. So much sponging and bs. I somewhat like the current ranking system and overall have been having fun playing ranked despite many, many frustrations.

I just played a match where I bent down to pick up nades, ran away, went to pull out the nades and had neither frags nor my flashbang. Later in the match I pulled the trigger and no bullets came out of my gnasher. In the next game I got killed by a player who sponged and their ping at the time of killing me was 444.

It’s hard to not get angry when I don’t understand why I’m being put in this situation. And when I know it is possible to play matches with low ping players.

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GoW5 has the highest ping connection that I play at the moment.

The tech test, OP1, and early on in OP3 never really had a ping higher than 40 personally.

I tried switching fast matchmaking off for better match quality (or whatever it is called in settings) and it makes no difference.

Sure does make me miss being able to choose my region / server to connect to; or at the very least setting my preferred one.

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Literally every single match for me. I’m not exaggerating. (In response to post on spanish speaking players with pings of 90 - I don’t know how to copy/paste a previous respose)


As an Alaskan, this sucks.

What will you do if you live in Europe?

I read a lot of spanish, english, russian, poland, german, french, italian and more in-game chat.

And if you find so many spanish speakers, you can try to learn the language :+1:t2: It’s not the most difficult language in the world, but for english speakers learning about what things are feminine or masculine can be difficult, but remember: German has 3, masculine, feminine and neutral.


Learn Spanish.


You should be happy if their pings were even stable…The worst pings are the ones who have 200+ ping and fluctuates up to 500…eeh

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What I will do if I “live in Europe” is, not live in Europe. If I grew up in Europe, then yes, I would have been exposed to and likely learned many languages. In America, I wasn’t exposed to other languages until high school.
Regardless, I’ve taken 3 years of Spanish classes, but surprisingly they didn’t teach me granade, kill, capture, or more importantly slang trash talk for numerous different countries. For awhile I would regularly google what was being said, but more than half the time, even google didn’t know what they were saying.
And language is the secondary problem. What I’d like, is normal/low pings.
If whoever knows this stuff came on here and said, “90% of the people that play the game are spanish speakers”, or " in DC/VA/MD there are only 100 people playing and they are all ranked way above or below you", I’d say fine, and drop it. It’s like getting a diagnosis of an illness - sometimes not knowing is harder than getting a bad diagnosis.
Right now, I have no idea why. And why the difference between quickmatches, which do take rank into account because otherwise it’d be unplayable. I’d like a fix, but at a minimum an explanation of why!


this is my solution to you my man :



Read above bro