Can I please get!

Get maps other than icebound, training grounds, and bunker???

This is the most boring crap… Same 3 or 4 maps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and o’FNG’ver!!

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yes man @VettleGT i have to confess that sometimes I play GOW 3 just to change over the maps man !! LOL :smile: its kind of insane playing the same f¨¨¨ng maps all over again and again .

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What’s the player count on 3 been like lately? Been thinking of loading it up myself



yesterday I was online and I saw 146 people online and it took less than 1 minute to be on a horde with 4 other players man .

Its running quite smooth and no problems :slight_smile: fully recommended man .

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In 2019 in all matches i played, almost no one would ever vote for icebound. On these forums evryone complained about icebound.
Now every time icebound can be picked it gets 2 magic votes right before the timer goes to zero… yeah right
Getting sick of playing icebound. My teammates are complaing. I dont understand how its somehow so popular right now on all my enemy teams

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Keep training grounds-bunker can go in the bin lol

If you are in a stacked team of 4 or 5 it’s an easy win.

That’s probably a big reason players in a team vote for it.

Grab the drop shot/mace, hold the mulcher area and team lancer=win

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I was playing with randoms but a few of time got microphone.but your right That made it an easy win.
But its strange i asked them if they voted icebound they said no. And the other team was not playing coordinated so i doubt they were a stacked team

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Yeah I get that you might have been playing randoms but I’m just saying when I’m in a team icebound is a good map for holding an area and just lancering the other team down.

Not to start a big debate lol but many of the times you play against players thinking they are not in a team but they are actually in a team. I ran into a stacked squad who are on my friends list while I was playing solo last week. I was thinking this will suck but luckily they had no co ordination and my team of randoms destroyed them on asylum.

Some teams are just 5 crap players squadding up to grind out wins bullying randoms. When they come up against decent players they struggle and maps like icebound give them a chance to use their numbers to compensate for their lack of skill.

Yeah that can be true.
In the old days when me and some friends played gears 2 we always played with a full squad.
But we were more focused on telling jokes and burning eachother and calling eachother noobs than coordinating the match :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gears of war 2 was good times. I played in a squad at times on it as well. Probably one of the laggiest inconsistent gears games of them all. One game you were king and the next game you were the guy getting t bagged with a connection from hell lol.

I remember one day getting randomly put in a team with a lagswitcher and I just chainsawed everything and got MVP. Unfortunately the other team thought I was the cheat and I got a ton of hate mail…

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