Can I have my Vintage Kait back?

Earlier in the month she was available as craftable and I scrapped her thinking “hey, I’ll just craft her when I feel like it since she’s not exclusive anymore” and I come to realize she’s back to being a beta exclusive reward. I’ve contacted @anon86589457 about this a week ago with no response so I’ll just see if this works out. I’d like my beta character back please.


I’m aware of that now and I had her from the beta. I even have the emblem to prove this. There was no communication that I was aware of that this was a mistake on their end. I’d just like my character back.

Oh I misread your post. I missed the part where you said “scrapped”. That’s unfortunate

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Adding this to see if this helps out my case.

@API No worries, man. It seems I’m never lucky in these situations. Gears Judgment did the same thing to me when the infamous reset level glitch happened and it took away my pulse skins for playing the game for the first week. They told me I could never get them back. Hopefully I can at least get this one back.

Hopefully @the-coalition can do you a solid :slight_smile: I think they should take the time to help you, given that it was their mistake to make it craftable in the first place.

not likely he admitted to scrapping her so as far as TC is concerned for all intents and purposes he willingly scrapped her i kinda expected making her craftable was a mistake since she was removed 24 hours later along with the zombo carmines

i think tc should help you out though but i dont think they will

Scrapping her with the mindset of “I can get her back soon whenever I want anyways”. Now that it’s back to being beta exclusive I’d like to have the character I worked for to be back where it belongs. Why should I suffer for their mistake?

dont ask me it’s just TC isnt known for helping people get their characters back

But… you can’t scrap Vintage Kait ?

you could during the day she was available thats why i dont feel like tc will help him out even though they should all of this could be solved if they let you create cards you previously owned

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Shameful self bump. Please @TC_Octus @anon86589457

Can I get a response?

That’s too logical to be implemented /s

On a serious note, that should have been added day one.

I accidently scrapped my heartbleed gnasher the other day, due to a bug with the card companion app, and now I can’t get it back.


I’d guess several Nickels that you ain’t getting it back man, but don’t lose sleep over it man, trust

I suppose it must be annoying that you don’t have the option to get her back, but you can’t be that bothered about the character as you deliberately scrapped her within the blink of an eye. There was a very high probability that this was a mistake.

Again, be in my shoes for a second. You guys sure act like you wouldn’t care now but at least pretend to know how frustrating this is for another individual. Of course I scrapped her but that was when I thought she was not worth anything anymore. They made a mistake and I would like to get a character I earned back where it belongs. I don’t understand why I’m getting my question dodged here for more than a week but they have enough time to show they changed a stupid emblem from common to legendary.

The web app scrapped my heartbleed gnasher when it showed that I was scrapping a completely different card.

I really doubt I’ll be able to get it back again. So frustrating after working for it and now, poof, it’s gone for good.

So I know your frustration. I don’t think they’ll do anything for us specifically, but if they made it so you could re-craft cards that you previously owned, that would do for me

i’ve scrapped cards on accident like the ninja deadeye thankfully they were brought back but i think it’s common for people to accidentally scrap cards since they dont ask for a confirmation which they should on epic and above maybe if they keep this system in gears 5 they’ll improve on it

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They should have a feature to lock down cards.

Then when you want to scrap, you go to a separate screen with those cards that can be scrapped and don’t include user locked cards.


I highly doubt they’re going to budge on this. There’s users who scrapped paid-for skins accidentally and they actually GOT money for those, they’re not going to care about someone who willingly scrapped a card.

Budge on what?

They just have to let you lock cards and unlock before scrapping.

It’s a logical feature to have.

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