Can i have Kat and Emile?

Hello !

Simple question, can TC unlock those two exclusif characters for me ? Throughout the years, i bought and played all Gears game, no exeption.This is my favorite franchise of all time,period. I took this one on Steam, day one, at full price (70 euros). My friend ‘‘took’’ the game on the Xbox game Pass, for 2e… and he got those skin ! But not me ? Seriously ? I know that i had to pay 10 more euro to get them but… seriously ? I paid 70 buck and my friend even got more ‘‘boost’’ than me, that a huge disrespect to me…

At least, make them unlockable, seing them in the ‘‘customisation’’ menu without being able to get them is so frustrating …

Who think the same way ?

PS : sorry for my english, i’m french

Kait is already unlocked. For Emile, you need the ultimate edition to get him. He will be DLC at some point soon though.

OP meant Kat. Just a typo.


I agree, I hate exclusive stuff n all but to be fair your friend didn’t “pay 2e”

It’s a subscription service, you own your copy, he’ll have to keep paying every month, more than 2e moving forward or he’ll loose access to “his”

Just in the interest of a fair argument n all as the offer existed to sell gp subs

Yes, i meant ‘‘Kat’’ of course, imagine if we had to pay a Deluxe edition to play the main character lmao.

Stoping your subcription make you lose thoses skins ? Are you sure ?

In my honest opinion, regarding the health of the game at launch, i assume that paying 70 buck is worth having two skin that almost everybody could have by buying a corn flakes’s boxe (In France you can have access to 7 day of Ultimate Game Pass by buying that, no joke).70 buck feel, at launch, like a thief, or at least feel like you were buying a DELUXE edition, because I could find the game for 39 dollar on site like Instant Gaming…

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It’s pretty easy to get a Game Pass Ultimate trial. That should be enough to unlock the characters.

No you don’t. Starting the game once with Game pass without owning it is enough to keep the Halo + Terminator chars, boost and Iron.Afterwards you can purchase the game during a sale or pay 5 bucks on amazon.

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This. :+1:
My son got the $1 Game Pass deal, unlocked the characters, then cancelled. Once they are unlocked on your profile, they are yours and it doesn’t matter what copy of the game.

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Yes, you can have Kat and Emile. Go to the MS store and search for Halo: Reach.