Can I get help with my bossing class tier list?

I haven’t maxed every class and I’m just taking some HARD guess here so don’t hate me lol…It’s not completely fair because some classes perform better on certain bosses but I’d like to try and come down to an overall average with everyones help. I’ll say this one more time for speed readers…This isn’t accurate because I don’t play everything, I’d like help improving it.

The reason I don’t like tierlist is because there are always too many variables. They are never accurate because the situation will always change.


Is this just like who can kill a boss the fastest? Or who can perform the best in a boss wave in general?

I’d hate to say fastest but who can handle a boss the best so…yeah the fastest I guess.

I think that BM should be in A at least (… we all know here someone who will even suggest her in S-tier)


Unless TC fixes the broken hitboxes on bosses Lahni will never be the best choice for them. She’s still S+ Tier overall.


Then pretty much anyone with bleed should be in at least B. Marksman’s Icy Precision is great utility and puts him in A imo.

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Nomad belongs up there at S tier.

When Infiltrator can’t reach Kestrel, it may as well be U tier for useless.

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I think what he’s asking goes among the lines of…

For example Veteran and/or Marksman.

Technically (unless you run the Freezing card for Marksman) they don’t hit heavily the bosses. For example the other day a carrier spawned on my (Veteran) side. Even if shooting over 200 bullets of Lancer, I wouldn’t heavily damage it.

Buuut if you are judging how they perform on boss waves (and not only against bosses) they can use their Ultimate to quickly take out most of the enemies in the wave, leaving room for your Demolitions, Infiltrator or Tactician to focus exclusively on the boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is Nomad secretly an amazing bosser or you just messing around lol? I’ve really wanted to give Nomad a shot but I’ve yet to play with anyone performing amazing with them.

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This ^

Something I was also going off of for example…
Marksman can one shot a Warden and Stump via Ultimate, That’s two bosses out of the 8 that exist. Marksman is fairly good at slaying mini bosses including Guardians if you want to count those.

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Why is Pilot “only “ A tier? Wpuld like to know the idea behind that.

You can keep a boss perma stunlocked regardless of range and also do good damage to it, or depending on what it is, just use the Silverback and simply not die to it. Or use a combination of both, I have absolutely wrecked Swarmaks with that class using the Dropshot to put some damage on and maybe get one of the back blisters before summoning the Silverback and shooting off its frontal blisters with Salvo rockets(or the other weapon if any were still left afterwards). Or just keeping a Boomshot for that purpose if not using the ult. Plus anything below 25%(or is it 20?) HP freezes if you use Cold Finish as an added bonus.

Also great for flyers if you’re capable of landing direct hits consistently with the Dropshot.


Okay so this is all news to me because I’m not super familiar with Pilot. You think I should move it up to S-tier then? I don’t want to get super technical but would you say surviving with SB is difficult at all? That’s more of a personal question though…If the dmg is there I’ll gladly move it, I just wasn’t entirely sure.

I’m here to learn if anything.

That would be Nomad and Striker, as long as the bleed is bugged,

Basically, Striker can toss Incendiary or Shock and switch to Breaker, and the bosses would drain faster than Demo or Infiltrator, in basically 2~ seconds.

For Nomad, it’s more limited because it would need Stim which can be shot off, but if managed to hit bosses with Incendiary or Shock and switch to perfect active Longshot because highest base damage, then way faster.


Here I thought that was already patched. Guess not.

Marksman is S tier.

Critical Parade coupled with longshot handling can clear out an entire wave,

If they fixed the Marksman’s passive, Marksman would be upgraded to S+ tier.

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The OP was ranking them based on how fast they clear bosses.

It’s only strong / fast against Warden but other than that, it seems pretty slow. It used to be fast at blowing up Swarmak with Icy Precision, but not anymore since fixed.

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I just read the topic post, and didn’t see OP’s comments in a few posts below that,

Alright OP, ignore what I said in my post above.


Strikers can stun lock Carriers and Matriarchs during their Ult with a mace.
Hit them from behind, they die, you don’t and they go out like a light.


Mechanic is too low, the new Turret ultimate is great against bosses. Gunner is probably too high; it can put out the damage pretty well, but most bosses can one-shot it through its tankiness and it loses a lot of mobility from heavy weapons. Pilot is too low, as others have said. Anchor is probably in the right tier, but I think I’d put it above Marksman within that tier.

Seriously, why do people think this? That passive would not be useful.


Brawler I’d put quite high.
Burning bosses, especially with increased Scorcher damage can get pretty sexy.
I’d move anchor up too. The bleed, plus increased damage when you’ve gotten some bullet chain is great. Plus it’s Ult increasing damage further.