Can GoW4 players enable the ability to play with PC for competitive, I'd like to play a game!

Feeels crappy not being able to play a game, I hope GoW5 PC isn’t like this because the community isn’t very big so it sucks to never be able to play.

You can use Looking For Group. On Gears 5, if TC doesn’t mess up on Steam, the PC population has a huge potential to increase 10 fold.

The cunning originality of your GT is quite stunning

I dont use this account to play xbox


Lol. I assumed it was an alt :joy:

jo ma man, are you still up for some gears? i also cant find matches when solo queing on pc.

yeah played KOTH core, not the best mode but it has some players, got onyx in 1 day lol and im awful with these new balance