Can Gears 5 get serious about quitters?

I’ve played in five matches in a row today where people on my team have quit, resulting in my team losing the match? Can Gears 5 get serious about quitters? They need to be purged Stalin-style or Chairman Mao style. Here is my proposal:

1st Quit Offense: Banned from Gears 5 for a week
2nd Quit Offense: Banned from Gears 5 for 1 month
3rd Quit Offense: Banned from Gears until you pay a $60 penalty.

Further offenses will result larger monetary penalties

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They need to get rid of penalties right now until they fix the servers and connection.

I’ve been kicked (not incurred a penalty yet though) but people are saying they’re getting penalties for being kicked\removed with no option to rejoin right now.

Once that’s fixed, i agree.


I know it’s an unpopular opinion but the solution to quitters isn’t to punish them. To fix this they need to revamp the way they do multiplayer. Abolish ranked. Consolidate playlists. Join in progress. Create an intuitive ranking system that takes into account every detail of the game, from quitters, to players joining mid game and carrying their team to victory. Not that i expect any of this to happen of course. We need more than bandaid solutions. Fundamental change is where it’s at.



Server disconnects are way too high atm to worry about punishing people.


No. As said above, penalties aren’t wise as people are being punished when they are getting thrown out of lobbies/matches by the servers themselves yet they’re being punished for it.

It’s for that reason that bringing monetary penalties into it is an even worse idea. To be honest, even when servers are fixed that’s still a bad idea and could cause controversy. At the end of the day, quitting is seriously annoying but it’s not illegal.

This 1 isnt really well thought out


Uh severe punishment yes…but monetary punishment? Wouldn’t that be illegal? Demotion to bronze tier, allowing quitters to only play in a quitters only playlist, and stripping of gearpoints? Absolutely
(Ranking gears points…not gears coins. They really should have called coins credits, like in Gears 4. Or silver or something) .

Forcing them to pay double the retail price of the game? I don’t even play Ranked much and I despise being a sore loser, but damn.