Can gears 5 get a new main music?

I dint like the music in gears 5 main menu very much. It sounds to military and triumphant. I want a dark scary theme. Even those gears 4 music was very simple it still had a grittier tone that I liked. I doubt they will ever change it thow.

I mean—Gears 2 and 3 are often most attributed as being the greatest themes, and they’re heroic and triumphant.

I like it, and it seems the music changed into OP3.


Add Gears 1 to that. Amazing themes both for Locust and COG and imo the best round-end themes for PvP in the franchise.


Gears 4’s main menu theme was unbelievably drab. It only added to the blandness of having JD’s babyface staring awkwardly into space.


Oh please g4 music was horrendous.

It didn’t. 1-3 all had great themes, don’t remeber J. Even 4 was ok, but 5 is just generic.

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Gears 5 menu music is actually pretty great. I always find myself humming it.


I agree with this. While it’s sequels had a fantastic OST, there was always something unique about Gears 1’s OST. Very dark, eerie and suited the game perfectly.

Gears 5 main menu music is the first in the franchise that I’ve turned the music volume to 0 on.

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Same here lol.

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I agree, the track “Family” feels too uplifting.

I’m still hoping for “Kait’s Theme” as an option to play over every menu.
I like it about as much as “14 Years After E-Day”.

I agree. I hum it all the time while waiting for games.

I think one issue was the change in composer (Not that Jablonsky was bad) and it meant the 2/3/Judgement OSTs felt more samey whereas 1 was wholly unique. Same with 4 and 5 now.

Idk who scored Tactics but it sounds very Gears 1 and Dark Souls-y.

They need to bring hoffmans victory speeches and the music back
When you win the music aint good enough right now and jin is crap

I know. I didn’t see the problem with Kevin Riepl, but seemingly they were aiming for “bigger” and more “movie-esque”.

It probably paid off, we got exact that while Gears 1 now had kept it’s own original soundtrack. I’ve not heard anything from Tactics yet but I’ll get around to it.

I found the soundtrack you can find it, and at least the main theme here;

It’s an interesting listen.

Oooh, now that’s more like it!

Instant like for the classic Gears of War chime at 8 seconds.

I agree with you, based on that song alone, that it definitely is reminiscent of Gears of War 1.


It plays the classic motif another 2 or 3 times I think. I listened to the rest of it last night and saw a lot more little details and references music-wise. But about halfway through the full soundtrack I heard one that sounded like a Dark Souls boss fight if that makes sense.

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Thanks for posting that. Nice.

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Haha I only played a bit of Dark Souls but I know what you mean.

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