Can Fahz freeze things? How?

Can Fahz freeze anything at al, and if yes, how do you achieve this ? My Icy precision card is at 3 right now… and an active reload with a Markza, and followed by a pistol after that… and, it is… nothing. I think that he is broken. Yes?

You can’t freeze with pistol. Boltok isn’t considered precision rifle. It will only work on Longshot, EMBAR and Markza perfect active reload then shoot critical areas like headshot. If you switch weapon, the effect wear off.

Thank you. Does the icy precision card have to be at 5 ? Mine is at 3? Will it still freeze things with the Markza, longshot?

You’re not going to be able to freeze with anything but the markza; because you have saturate your enemy with consistent freeze damage. The longshot and embar’s low rate of fire and small ammo makes this impossible. The card will work at level 3 but you have to make every shot count. That means landing almost every shot in the head or critical weak point. This card shines more at level 4 and 5. You have a little more leniency if you miss a shot or two, because you’re dealing a bit more freeze damage.

This is true.

Even with Level 5 Icy Precision, I can sometimes have difficulty. Like when I was trying to freeze completely a Carrier at close range. When it opens chest to do launch canker attack, I rapid fire Markza and it almost completely freeze Carrier but not completely enough which is annoying.

I also don’t like how we can’t freeze Swarmak or Kestrel with Icy Precision, or I’m doing it wrong.

I thought you can freeze those enemies but it will not stop them from moving(it works with Lizzie) and attacking. Plus no visual freeze effect shows on the Swarmak.

I have seen Kestrel being frozen by Lizzie but it doesn’t work with Fahz.

Hm… odd. I’ll have to try it even if Icy Precision on my Fahz is only Level 1.

The trick to freezing a carrier is patience. You can’t just unload on him with all your markza rounds when he opens his chest, because he drops down making it difficult to hit his weak point. What you wanna do is, hit it a few times in his chest cavity when he opens up to release his cankers. If you watch closely, you’ll realize that he’s dropped down into a weaken state. His head is lowered and his chest is closer to the ground. All you have to do is shoot a little lower with your remaining shots to freeze him over. You can freeze a kestrel. You just can’t immobilize it. I don’t mind not being able to freeze a swarmak. I guess he’s to big to apply sufficient freeze damage. :man_shrugging:

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You can, at least Lizzie is capable of doing so. Though the only difference on a frozen Swarmak is that it takes 3x more damage, doesn’t slow it down or anything once it’s frozen.

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Oh ok. That’s the same thing fahz does to a kestrel. You visually see the ice forming on it but it never freezes over or even slows down. It just sustains more damage.

You can apply ice damage to it with fahz and have it sustain more damge. You just can’t Sub-Zero it. You have to hit the kestrel’s weak point, which is either of the two turbines on it’s sides(the orange vented area which releases excess heat.)

Does the this skill card freeze people or not. Because I have it on at level 4 and it’s not freezing anybody. I’m literally just getting headshot after headshot with the longshot and nobody is freezing smh I’m just killing them. All headshots, I’m talking about headshots Galore… Like literally 15 hattricks a game.:ok_man:t4:Is it because I’m getting the headshot, do I have to hit them in the body with the longshot ?? Cause when I hit them in the head they Die smh :man_facepalming:t4: Please Help Me Somebody​:weary::ok_man:t4::man_shrugging:t4:

You can’t do it with the long shot, the percentage of freezing it’s about a single ennemie, so exemple to be efficient you need to use the markza

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Explain ya 1st sentence again bro, you misspelled And misplaced ■■■■ so I don’t understand it. Explain It 1 more Time ?!

The freeze status effect wears off by the time you’re done reloading your Longshot. You need to use the Markza, otherwise you won’t freeze anything.

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Ohhhh :astonished: Got you Lol Good Looking Bro :+1:t4:

And I can do it With the Longshot bro Lol I was just doing it All Nite. Just Gotta Be Super Dumb Fast :dash: wit It​:bangbang:

Do you know what splash damage is and bleed damage are ??? And also what the heck Ping stands for on Gears :gear: 5? Explain all 3 if u can

Bleed is basically damage inflicted on enemies over time(5 seconds, 1 bleed “tick” per second), based on a % indicated on the skill card depending on the initial damage of your shot.

Basically explosive weapon blast radius. The damage that enemies take from getting hit by an explosive while not directly hit by it.