Can devs comment on escape mode's loading time on Series X?

If at least one of 3 is on Xbox One, I guess the loading time will fall back to the lowest common denominator,

But how much does the loading time improve if all 3 people are on Series X?

I wanna know the loading time for the following specifically,

  1. From Lobby screen to a pod hatching sequence
  2. From in-game pause menu to back to lobby when ‘back to lobby’ was selected

It will help greatly for those who try Master Escapes regularly.

Thank you!

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Good question.

Loading time is between 4-6 weeks.



I have been keeping an eye out for this because I am super interested,

WIll update when I see anything relevant :slight_smile:


Escape online public or custom?

I’ve asked one streamer who already got XSX, and he said he’d check it out.

Didn’t see him mention this yet tho.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I’m actually interested too. As I probably see that loading screen a bit more than other loading screens.

Until all players are on XBSX, it won’t matter how quickly it loads because you’ll have to wait for the slowest player. It’ll take years for the numbers of XBSX users to eclipse the number of XB1 users, so unless you are mandating that you have to be on the latest console, I unfortunately believe you’ll see no benefit.

Well, the public match is bottlenecked by match making. So it wouldn’t be a consistent improvement.

I’m more interested in how long it takes on custom matches. (on average anyways, because it will also depend on the map and the sizes of its files)

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I’ve been running for time in Escape with Lena and Portals for quite a while. That involved a ton of restarts and therefore backing out to the lobby and loading back in to the hive. Please note that Lena and I have a relatively strong PC while Portals is using an Xbox.

I for myself tested the different loading times between my PC and my super old Xbox and the difference was about 1 minute for just loading into the hive from the lobby.

Lena and I have been playing with other people on Xbox that mainly had only one difference to Portals. They weren’t using an SSD. Same type of Xbox (I believe even One X?) but no SSD. And the difference of the loading times was quite a chunk.

Whenever we play with someone on Xbox without an SSD, when we back out to the lobby, we can not immediately start again once we’re in the lobby, otherwise the Xbox player will be stuck in the lobby forever and the pod will never appear for us. Also the mutator loading screen usually stays until almost the end of the background sound.

However when playing with someone with a SSD, we actually can immediately start the hive again without waiting. Also the mutator screen doesn’t stay there until almost the end of the background track.

Therefore I believe you’ll notice exactly that difference that I described above. If you already had a SSD, about little to no difference. If you hadn’t, about a difference of 1min.


This is certainly true for public matchmaking.

I am looking forward to playing with friends who plan on upgrading from the xbox one to the series x though :slight_smile:

I mean you’ll still be halfway through the map by the time we load in even with a Series X lmao

Series X will have a faster SSD than I have.

the only downside as I see for the Series X its the " VERY EXPENSIVE" Seagate storage expansion card that cost almost half of what the series X costs:

You serious?! I would have never guessed. Aren’t you switching to that RTX or whatever?

That doesn’t help storage load times.

I already have RTX :stuck_out_tongue:

My SSD operates at 3300MB per second for read and 3000MB per second for writes.

Xbox Series X does 2400MB base but 4800MB with tech magic.

Note I am rounding.


3-5 business days

wait, so I don’t have to wait until next year? sweeeeet

RTX IO will mean it’s loaded before I’ve even thought about it.

Instant Loading.

But seriously, I have the same drive and I hardly notice the loading screens.

It will be a lot faster on Series X too.

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