Can confirm tour of duty is currently bugged

I can confirm tour of duty is currently bugged. Objectives WILL not complete. I have a “play 1 free for all versus match” active objective; and I should have had it completed, but it hasn’t. Going to keep trying. At least I’m enjoying the movement update, it feels much more like gears 4 did, but it’s still not 100% there yet.

Words cannot express the shock I am suffering from reading this.

Also, regarding the movement, I’m stopping you there. It’s no where near Gears 4.


Well I also haven’t played Gears 4 in a good while, so it is possible I am misremembering, it definitely feels less clunky imo


The tour is bugged, some people are not getting their iron from the tiers. Also elimination medals don’t always register properly along with FFA medals.

As for the movement now, It’s much tighter and responsive. Doesn’t feel so floaty. It gives the ilusion of being faster cause of how “delayed” the inputs felt pre update.


Gotta admit it does feel more liberating. I say take a step further. Let’s get gears amazing again. Bring in the gib range. Increase roll speed.

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Roll speed was increased a bit.

I thought you were talking about rewards.

I notice that it is a Classic Kait in the current tour regardless they dropped a month ago.

I think it comes down to people’s consoles, my one console I have had some problems but on my other console no problems at all

It seems to be only certain objectives.

Did not get winter Marcus but someone else I was playing with when we both ranked up at the same time. Kind of glad I’m away this weekend and can’t play this mess…

Movement is alot better though, default still sucks compared to classis alt. There are still input lag but alot better than it was.

I had problem with the new medals too. Mostly about playing ranked and some others didn’t register properly

…it still has a long way to go.

They supply dropped “Classic” Kait from the 1st Act of Gears 5, later renaming it to Armored Outsider Kait. The one in tour is the real Classic Kait from Gears 4.

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I just spent 10 iron to get a new challenge, asked me to do 15 eliminations with either deebee or warden, none of which are unlocked, thanks TC keep up the great work !