Can anyone tell me what the Scions says in campaign? (English and spanish)

I have always trouble hearing distorted voices (like the Scion) and it’s more difficult on other languages that aren’t spanish. Now I’m playing the campaign on english but I don’t unserstand what they say.

I have problem even in spanish, for me dropshot Scion says “vitamin” in spanish (and obviously it doesn’t make any sense).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Two things I know the Scions say are “Cower before me”(if I made the line out properly) and “Kill humans”. Don’t recall others.

Other than that, every Scion has different dialogue for firing its weapon. “Firing” for a Boomshot/Salvo Scion, “Shredding” for a Buzzkill Scion, “Suppressing” for a Mulcher Scion and “Launching” for a Dropshot Scion.

They also make a very distinctive sound if they’re about to charge at you, so listen out for that.

Suppressing was the only one that I recognized. Now that I know what they say, I’ll try to listen to it.

Thanks :slight_smile: