Can anyone explain to me how aim assist works on Gears 5? And how it compares to previous gears?

Is it related to bullet magnetism? With the gnasher does it work only when you shoot without aiming? Is this the reason why in gears 5 it’s easier to get a kill with the gnasher without aiming? Do you think they should remove aim assist from competitive matches?


Its all been discussed before…

…many times.

I have no interest in how or why it does or doesn’t work.

I just play the game no matter what issues.

Good luck

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There’s aim assist which helps you stay on target easier. Imaging kinda like in halo the slow down effect but more aggressive at holding you to your target.
Bullet magnetism is when you shoot the bullets magically go closer like a literal magnet towards the player.
This was atrocious in when the game came out. It made so that when you shot your shotgun you could almost be looking the other way and get a body or wig with ease.
They let up on all the by quite a bit and it actually has less magnetism and aim assist the gears 3 at this point, in my opinion.
You can’t remove these from a game made for console, it make it damn near impossible to aim. I get elitist players who are the next best thing to Jesus on a controller may disagree but it a necessity for the controller. There is a balance to this that developers are able to find, that make it skill based along with not feeling like it’s impossible to aim.
Again with a halo reference but in halo 1-5 you could literal stay on target yet and enemy could dodge. Now halo infinite it’s like what is happening most the time. In my personal experience it feels almost impossible to aim even though can do a decent job it feels like I’m fighting my controller instead of it being and extension of me.


Aim assist in 5 actually has three aspects to it. Magnetism, friction, and adhesion.

Magnetism is what draws bullets closer to or onto your target even if not dead on with your aim.

Friction is what slows your reticle down over a target.

Adhesion is what pulls the crosshairs around on moving enemies - worth noting is that it has been removed completely in Versus, to my knowledge.

Generally, aim assist has been reduced significantly in Versus, and as above, the third aspect of it has been removed completely. The aim assist remains as it was at launch in PvE, as far as I know at least.

Side note 1 : The “aim assist off” toggle completely removes all three parts of it, at least according to someone from TC, and has more relevance to PvE now. I would prefer if we could tweak or turn off individual aspects instead of having to remove it completely if we only dislike the “adhesion” feature artificially dragging our aim around for a moving enemy we may not even be aiming at. Though I generally find the PvE aim assist settings to be overtuned to the point where, besides the bullet magnetism, it actually makes aiming harder with a controller than it helps.

Side note 2 : Aim assist off has either been tweaked or it’s not that terrible with a controller, but it’s certainly not a very good experience with a Boltok or Markza. Half of the shots just disappear into the void. Kind of relates to having the option to tweak/disable parts of the aim assist we want to have, I guess.


ok but do you know why in Gears 5 it’s way easier to get a kill with the gnasher without aiming than previous gears? Like Gears 3 for example… I thought this was due to aim assist

Not really, I don’t exactly play much Versus in Gears 5 and never really have in any of the prior games. Someone else will have to answer that question.

The shotgun is like a sawn off now that’s why

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I’ve never seen this confirmed. It definitely turns off adhesion completely and perhaps friction as well, and it lowers magnetism greatly, but I suspect there is some small amount of baseline magnetism. There is definitely still aim stabilization features and smoothing that aren’t present on mouse, for example.

And yes, it was absurd that TC added an aim assist toggle that doesn’t have options for each of the 3 main forms of assist. I’d like to be able to turn off adhesion without removing magnetism in PVE on controller.

Better yet, adhesion should have been removed game wide when TC decided to axe it from versus. It never belonged in Gears in the first place. It’s the worst form of aim assist. When it’s not making you miss, it makes it feel like you didn’t really earn the shot when it helps. Total garbage.

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I tried searching for it, but no luck. I swear I’m not making this up, though. But where I remember reading/hearing this was either on Twitter, on one of the old developer streams, or from someone who doesn’t have an official TC profile/tag or whose profile has been deleted since then(considering the amount of turnover during Gears 5s lifecycle, that wouldn’t surprise me).

Either way we agree. Though I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think that you might as well be playing withouy any aim assist with the option turned off, on a controller. The Boltok and Markza especially sometimes feel just downright horrible to use without it. And I think that it’s not just me, but the fact that the awful dispersion of those weapons(relative to what they are supposed to be) is just masked by the aim assist itself.

You are at a massive disadvantage playing with aim assist toggled off in PVE on controller with any precision or rifle class, regardless of what exactly is being disabled. Of that there is no doubt. I’m not convinced magnetism is 100% disabled, just like a deadzone of 0 in control options is not actually 0% deadzone. Smoothing is definitely still a feature with aim assist off on controller. Not a doubt in my mind.

In PvE, turning Aim Assist off definitely takes away all 3 aspects of it. Playing with it off then playing with it on is like having aim bot, like the game literally drags your cross hair to people and magnetizes it on them. Its exactly the reason I’ve had it off since the game came out. It does more harm to me than good.

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I could test it, but I’m lazy. I still suspect magnetism isn’t completely removed.

As I said before, smoothing definitely is not removed. It isn’t raw stick movement. It would be obvious if it were.

I don’t personally care about the whole advantage thing as much as that I don’t have the option to only get rid of adhesion and/or tune the friction aspect down a little bit. As is, whether the option is on or off, the aiming doesn’t feel as smooth/responsive as it did in Gears 4, but I don’t really like the adhesion because of it dragging the reticle. Even putting aside my other grievances with how aiming ‘feels’ in Gears 5, I’m never going to understand why the game should aim for me, regardless of mode.

I am not at all an expert but I would suspect that it’s due in part to magnetism. Additionally, hip firing produces a tighter pellet spread than ADS, thereby giving it a larger gib range. So at certain distances you can one shot someone only by hip firing. Aiming will do less damage at the same distance. Basically the opposite of what it was in GOW4.

From what I think I know about aim adhesion, I think it remains in versus. When an opponent is running across my screen in the distance and I’m aiming at them, my reticle behaves differently than it does when it’s not on a target. It moves easier and faster. I play on 18s btw. So my reticle normally moves fairly slowly. But definitely feel it speed up when it’s on a target that’s moving.

Step 1: You start aiming…
Step 2: You get the perfect aim…
Step 3: You shoot…
Step 4: You heavily miss…

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Step 5: Go to the gears forums and have a rant…

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