Can anyone explain this scoreboard?

I’m on the swarm team, placed in 4th somehow but my stats are nearly the same as the guy in 1st on my team. Same amount of caps, same amount of breaks, they had 1 more kill and I had 5 more downs. Why am I so low on the scoreboard?

Eliminations don’t equal kills but kills and assists, so it is possible the top guy managed to get more kills or high point assists than you, while you got more assists where you dealt little damage to an enemy, giving you an elimination but not raising your score by much. My guess is that that’s why you are both equal in number for eliminations, caps and breaks but one has a higher score than the other.


This is the right answer for sure OP

I see. I wish they separated kills and assists so you can tell what’s what. Thanks for the answer tho

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Lol this is really a question? Bro they are dealing more damage than you. If you shoot someone and deal 20 points of damage and I shoot somebody and deal 99 points of damage I’m getting more points. Add this up over then entire match it will really add up, this is the exact reason the developers removed the capture and break points so there was a clear picture on who was doing the most work in a match.

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I’m guessing, as others said, your assists were not as valuable as the other guys. You can get literally one point for an elim. But if you just jump in late in a fight or just finish a guy off you probably get 40 pts or less. If that guy was one shotting people he’s getting a full 175 points, or 225 if he’s headshotting.

the problem with that scoreboard is that you are MVP with only 4 caps and over 9000 points and on the other team they have people with 15 plus caps and still 3000 points below you, i have been playing KOTH for a long time and have just noticed today (i haven’t played for a few months so im guessing there have been tons of updates) that a if you BREAK a hill you are awarded ONLY 10 points compared to the previous 100 and when you CAPTURE a hill you are awarded ONLY 30 points compared to the original 300, what is the point in playing this game mode now lol being an objective player means nothing now, Great work TC jesus christ

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Ranking thread exist for this made by @GhostofDelta2 might get more help there as well since its a main thread

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