Can anyone explain Gears 5 stats?

What do the percentages mean? Is it even accurate?

Let’s say I average 51 assists per horde game with Lizzie. It says 29%. What does that mean?

Isn’t there more useful stats that could be compiled and shared by TC?

What do you think the percentages mean, and what stats would be more valuable?

Well I take anything numbers-releated in Gears 5 and assume it’s all there for the aesthetic. None of it matters or displays proper knowledge lol


I suspect those numbers mean something like where your overall position in the game is with your assists/kills/headshots/etc., relative to the rest of the playerbase.

Ultimately meaningless though. Like the survival rate thing in Escape stats for characters which can be flawed by the learning curve of the mode/higher difficulty runs for whichever characters you started with. Sure know I failed a LOT of Master runs on some hives before a successful attempt shortly after launch, whereas now the failures are more on the rare side but the survival rate for the characters I did those early Master runs with(I do can say it felt a lot more rewarding then when you did beat one than now when it feels like it has become a lot easier to beat Master Escapes, at least for me).

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I guess people chase the K/D thing, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why I need to know how many runs I’ve completed with JD, or how many assists I average with Lizzie.

Think it’s really the total player base?

I guess I could dump my friends list and see if I move higher.

I think it is the total playerbase, yeah… but I have no real basis to that claim other than guessing based off of the percentages shown and some more numbers that can be found in-game on leaderboards(such as Horde map point count).

Maybe TC thinks it’s somehow relevant to show how many matches you’ve blasted the Horde in with JD or how inadequate Lizzie’s killing capabilities are without a Tri-Shot or the Silverback…

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Plus, people can play one escape hive on beginner, complete it, and get 100% survival rate.

Leaderboards aren’t working so why would stats work?