Can anyone explain carefully the Tour/operation system layout for me?

I know that the “Tour” consist of rewards like “Scarred JD”. But I never realized it included on the “Medals” section. I REALLY want that Desert armor Del but Del’s medal is the one taking up my most tome.

…I just wish the Medals section was permanent from what I hear…Or should we petition to keep ONLY the medals section??? Really crummy “cosmetics” in this game compared to the others

Is the Medals section going to be reset after the Operation is done?

Not reset. We’ll get new medals to work toward when Operation 2 goes live. All of the current medals and their rewards will be locked away.

Start at Wave 50 on beginner horde and build as many level 1 barriers as you can. I think it’s like 17 or 18 you can afford. Quit and repeat until you get the medal.

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Same here, but the rewards should be put behind such a grindy system.

I’m at the point i’m almost disliking myself now as it feels like i’m in an abusive relationship lol Each night Gears 5 lets me down in new ways and daily i go back giving it another chance.

Completing the tour/medals isn’t as hard as people think. It’s more of a grind than actually being difficult.

Things like “build x fortifications”, “kill x amount of enemies”, “complete x amount of x” are high because its meant to be done over the course of the operation. Sure there are ways to grind it out and get it done faster than just playing the game. But with a bit of forward thinking you can work out a way of maximising your time.

I’m at 94% of medals completed and all of them were done by week 7/8 out of 12 with the exception of the new ones they added for the events. And since yesterday I have about 5 days / a week worth of total play time since the game came out.

Now I know some people don’t like horde, or don’t like escape or what have you, but all I can say to that is suck it up. Every time in a gears game when it came to unlocking a specific thing, you had to grind out a certain thing. (the main one that comes to mind is the complete beast mode on insane without failing) Now I’m more of a fan of PvE rather than PvP but I don’t expect a game that’s a mix of both to cater to my preference of Pve just so I can unlock a certain item. I just suck it up and put my try hard pants on and jump into PvP.

Sorry for the really long post that didn’t really answer your question, so here it is. When you open my tour in the menu, every thing in there will change/reset when Op 2 is released. I say change/reset because I’m sure they with have a few of the same medals in op 2.

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I just hit General and I am 82% of the medals,

I actually like it. If you look at it its designed for people to move around the game across all the modes. It’s actually very forward thinking on TC part.

It also allows goal setting and the ability to grind alone or with a team. I think it also foster creativity on how to get it done.

Kinda of what Heavenly said if you look at the medals you can combine specific ones within certain play models. this maximizes your time

I hit General on week 9 but I used the iron that was give in the tour to get new dailies.

To everyone who is struggling to get the medals done. Use this

There are a few posts in one that will absolutely help you complete the medals

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Wow thats a bummer. Yeah the “Del forti” challenge is killing me. I almost have JDs with the GL Lancer done. The battleworn set looks sweet on certain weapons, but the cryocannon is haunting me. Any tips on that??? I wanna “boost” these for the remaining days

For the Cryo Cannon do the Descent Hive. There’s a few Cryo Cannons to pick up and you can get some easy kills on Leeches. The rest of the enemies you have to down first then either execute them or freeze them. A few runs and you can get this easily which will also help you towards several other medals (and a character unlock if you have that totem equipped).

Operation 2 aka Season 2 will bring a brand new Tour of Duty. New daily objectives, medals, rewards, and of course new content.

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Which hive??? “The Hive - An epic journey” ???

Theyre all labeled so I guess it wouldnt be too hard…

Sorry meant to say The Descent.

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Well there’s that complete 10 different hives on master difficulty medal. So find 2 good friends and start grinding.

And do not forget to apply the totems.

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Thanks fellas. Yeah I only have the Warden totem left. But Im one of those who uses the T800 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I mained Kantus G3-4 but I wouldnt be surprised if we have to wait MONTHS for a Kantus skin or not…

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Nice. I got Warden and RAAM done, currently working on the COG.

RAAM was the most satisfying to complete IMO. His unique challenge wasn’t easy to do.

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Nice man. I was actually one of the lucky ones to do the “Gilded RAAM” challenge. I did COG Gear first just to have an extra Horde character backup lying around. Some of his/her cards are questionable, But he/she is a good teamplayer overall

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Yeah I missed out on that one. The only Road to Gears 5 challenge I missed. Still salty about it lol.