Can a get a refund now the game is free?

Guys, this is obviously a troll topic.


With the OP, I’m not so sure. They might actually be seriously asking.

It’s a scam , daylight robbery .
If it’s free now so I want my money back .
If they can afford the game to be free they can afford to give me my money back

You made the decision to spend that money not anyone else. Take the loss and move on. Maybe you will be wiser next time.

I don’t think you understand how the world/life works. It’s embarrassing this thread got made and is still even going.

Why is the game free ?
I want a refund .

Reminding me that I wasted $80 pre-ordering Ultimate Edition lol… not asking for refund or anything like that, just find it funny Iiterally did waste that money cause it sits in the case un-used lol being I done had GamePass to begin with whenever I did have the disc in, noticed it would load from the GamePass by default, thus decided I may as well put it up then.

Except for Nintendo games.

Wow. Stoic. Haven’t seen you around for ages.

This is David the Clown btw.

I pay for the gold subscription and gears 5 ultimate edition. I want my refund

TC should be paying us to play the game at this point honestly

I’m bringing out the Bluray quality version for this one.

I thought @TC_Clown was supposed to be the funnyman of the forum.

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He’s very stressed out.

Even the funny man, needs a laugh from others.


Yes very true.