Can a get a refund now the game is free?

Title says it all.
I payed £70 for the ultimate edition when it came out .
A year on the game is free . I know it was on game pass but you are paying for it by monthly subscription.
I find it a slap in the face I’ve payed all that money and had faith that it was worth the money but to be honest it’s been a shambles from the start hasn’t it.
I think every operation bundle should be free for the people that bought the ultimate edition of the game or so more gears character skins

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No. You pay for the monthly Gold subscription too…


Really? Sheesh. Where were you to complain that people got Gears 5s ultimate edition with Game Pass for “free”? Or when Gears 4 also became “free” with Game Pass? What are you going to complain about next, that you have to pay for games at all?


Did you buy from Costco?

So just ignore the 10-60 bucks people spend on a subscription to get those free games

Me also i spent £1…


Jesus wept… GOW fans truly are the gift that keeps giving!


Can’t play this game without an xbox Live gold subscription. The second that subscription is gone or you haven’t renewed another X amount of time the game is useless. So its not really free at all.

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Go to GameStop

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The game is a flop mate, you lost your money

Imagine saving up your hard earn cash to buy a game just to be given away for free .

It’s not free. You still need a gold membership which is a subscription based service, just like gamepass.

Plus… this is just how it works. New products will obviously be full priced, then it’ll eventually decrease and decrease over time. Do you also get mad when things go on sale 16 months after release?

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If you haven’t learnt after all these decades of gaming that the price of the game drops after launch there is something wrong with you

The price of pretty much anything and everything really… clothes, movies, toys, books, the latest iPhone…

The game is free as you bought your Xbox live to use Xbox live .

Hey! No politics!

The OP is demanding free stuff - that’s socialism! Bloody Red Ivan!


I got the game off gamepass but would like a refund for the time spent on it, matchmaking is an utter mess but worse than that is the servers, just started a ranked game of KOTH were everybody but 1 player had 100+ ping, first guy kills me in what can only be described as a flashback to Gears 2 with him sliding along to me and not one bullet hitting him then to top it off the game glitches and doesn’t let me spawn so I have to quit out hoping that it will let me rejoin as it sometimes does but unfortunately it does not so now im banned from ranked and just lost 1700gp for nothing, won’t be putting much more time into this with ranked play except FFA now.

The game was free from the off was it not? Through game pass

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Games with Gold has been around for quite a while son. And a gold subscription is required to claim any game offered through the program, so it’s no more “free” than acquiring it through game pass.

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