Can a gears expert tell me how to take down a grinder solo

for 4 and 3 its nearly impossible to put down a grinder, who seems to appear and get to places on the map that are unreal. I really need help what is the best strategy when dealing with these sly boomers? Once you surpassed waves 1-40 their health doubles and cleverness.

Snipe it.


Shoot it in the head.
You can use any weapons that dishes out a lot of damage like heavy weapons, Grenade tag or throw Incendiary, Longshot.
Boomshield + Pistol.
If that’s too hard, then Hammer of Dawn or One-Shot or Mortar.
Torque Bow to head is insta-kill.

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thanks bro I will use that advice

Frag tag :grin:


Yeah if I’m Scout (Lvl6 Speed) I like to have a Frag to tag the big fatties.

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Yeah I just shoot it in the head. Killed one with a Repair tool once. Fun stuff
For 3 I enjoy pistol whipping them.

Lol, only works in Gears 3. Probably should mention that if the OP is new to Gears 4.

For Gears 4, like others have said keep your distance and use accurate, ranged weapons (Boltok, Longshot, Embar, Torque Bow work best). Something I haven’t seen mentioned yet is wait for the Grinder to cool down his weapon, it will give you a few seconds to pop out of cover, aim, and hit him in the head. Always go for the headshot on the Grinder to maximize damage.

Don’t kill that poor guys, they are fat and need a little exercise

ok all these responses are very helpful how about that annoying habit the locust bot has of running into your player after a grenade hug what then?
You can’t seem to move out of the blast radius quickly without blowing up

Be mindful of your surroundings and show awareness, or else you’re dead. :+1:
Unless you’re the one tagging him, if so, I suggest; RUN FOREST, RUN!


Dropshot… Best weapon in the game…