Camping Simulator 2019

As someone who has not played this series since briefly playing Gears 3, I was looking forward to this game to become my new main MP game and I am beyond shocked at how bad it is. For a company at the size Microsoft, this can’t be called anything else but Anthem size embarassing. How you could be an one franchise studio with basically unlimited resources, a hand given blueprint from an actually competent studio and still end up making something like this is beyond me.

The best way to play versus is to get a pre-made and camp the entire game since the movement is worse than swimming in jello and the delays for doing anything different last longer than a pixar short movie. Spam with the Lancer whole game so anyone that actually does not camp gets the punishment they deserve, and if anything goes wrong and you get outplayed corporally punish the enemy team players with a headache for outplaying you by spamming 5 flashbangs at them as soon as you respawn. Last but not least for good measure of course, the Ganser also doubles as a sniper, you know, if the RNG and lag compensation is in your favor of course and you don’t get a 99% hit.

The good thing is that you won’t actually have to suffer through this gameplay in QP since it’s pretty much impossible to get in an actual game where at least half of both teams is not bots. Well though at least you get the cool cosmetics that the game generously gives you, for a mobile F2P game that is. Wait, what do you mean this is not Candy Crash?


I agree with this so much every game is just a ■■■■■■■ camp fest. Everybody just plays defensively and hides behind a wall because trying to do something as simple as a wall bounce is highly punishable. Wallbouncing is useless in this game, you won’t even be able to out-wallbounce somebody because they’re just gonna stand back and abuse the jacked up aim assist. Did I mention that the delay you feel when playing gears 5 is because of a glitch with control schemes? All control schemes have button input delay except for classic-alt, meaning you have to change your control scheme and remap your buttons just so you can play normally without this delay ■■■■■■■■ + it’s literally An advantage over people who don’t use classic-alt as their control scheme. Also the aiming feels clunky as ■■■■, I can’t even tell where my shots are gonna go because the bullets are really unpredictable. I can shoot somebody up close and get a 96% in 1 hit then they gib me from like 10 feet away. That’s a Very very inconsistent shotgun, probably worse than 4’s gnasher In season 2.


Your first paragraph is the truth. They have unlimited resources and a blueprint and they still mess ■■■■ up. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen a more incompetent developer. I just wish we had a real developer look at what made Gears gears and revitalize it. Or Gears 2 remastered

I blame Bunker and Icebound, always up to mischief those two


Ok so this is the second time I have seen mention od the Classic-alt mentioned in the forum…has anyone posted any video proof of this or has it been confirmed anywhere??? If this is true I have a lot of work remapping my elite controller but dont want to unless it is for real.

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Thanks for sharing this man!
Anyone have any idea on how to make these changes for Tournament?


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Appreciate it. I am going to try this tomorrow.

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Anyone tested already?

Well, I have tested classic alt and I can confirm - I got wings on the back after this change.
Nice find!
@xVaRiAbLe19x @shippy11 @Bixouille @Phoen1xTear

I have switched as well and it does seem to make a difference. Not that much can help my game but every little bit helps :rofl::joy:

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Haha I love when people who don’t even play the series speak the truth of the problems everyone including myself is complaining about.

Everything you said is the truth and quite frankly something needs to be done lol.
-Add old music tracks from gow2/3
-Add old maps from all previous gears
-Fix movement/shooting
-Add maps that dont benefit lancer…
-Add new/old feature such as war journal in gow3, the ability to view and select medal(s)
-Add post-death camera
I can go on but yeah.

More like “Trash” and “Garbage”.

I done the same last night, even swapped it back for a game to see if I was loosing my mind but nope :sweat_smile: defo worth doing.

I’ve tried to keep it tournament by mapping A,X to LB and LB to A… I do however have to tap LB when downed which I haven’t figured out just yet…