Campaing: Side mission Waterworks bugged? [SOLVED]

Finished all 3 steps, waiting the reward from nomad. Can’t pick up the upgrade for Jack.
Now I am still blocked and can’t move forward more…
Any help or suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Same thing happened to me. I could not pickup the upgrade…so I loaded a previous file and didn’t even do the mission. Just to keep my playthrough going. That sucks dude

I can’t continue story campaign until I pick the upgrade, I tried to move with the skiff, nope…

What if you load previous checkpoint?

I didn’t try, I don’t guess if that works. Did you that solution?

Yea, that kept my campaign moving at least. I tried to complete the sidequest multiple times without luck.

As daft as it sounds could it be the case that you already have the upgrade? somthing similar happen to me this way. Cause my a restart and the save file not correctly updating.

I am not sure, today with my co.op partner I will test it. If I find a solution then I will post here.
PS: It is second run as walkthrough and insane level.

when you say 2nd run…are you doing it on the same game saved file? or is your insane playthrough on new game file?

i dont think co-op will make any difference as i had a friend join that act when i said the same bug and it didnt make any difference even if they tried to put the item up

not same gamesave, but one new

i reckon the item has carried over then if you cant pick it up. i would recommend just progressing to the next area by physically walking and getting back on the skiff

solved it, I did all areas and all side mission except last waterwork side mission near last step campaign story, I picked up the upgrade for Jack.