Campaign update is live

Campaign seems to be live. Don’t bother playing though, last time TC added “future content” your progress was deleted 2 days later. So better wait until Wednesday to avoid lose of progress


Thought it was supposed to be unlocked tomorrow.

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Are you even suprised after the Lv20-debacle?

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Gears Tactics Is also live on Xbox.


Well, no, but I’d personally just wait to play it until Tuesday when it’s supposed to go live, rather than Wednesday. But I guess you can’t be too sure to be safe.

Putting aside that I wasn’t gonna play tonight anyway, most likely.


Yeah, I’m not touching this until tomorrow at least. I’ll leave those achievements for a while, since there will probably be more Game Pass quests tied to them soon anyway.
Tactics is updating now, so I’ll be playing that later tonight.

PS: Ever since they updated the message boxes, I can no longer type messages on this forum on the absolute garbage that is the Xbox One browser. The prompt just doesn’t appear, terrible!

Store also got a Year 1 Delta Bundle with gilded Baird included.

Also found a new bug 5minutes into the campaign; cinematic volume-slider affects the voices of everyone DURING gameplay.

Welp Ironman resets the entire campaign for anybody who was wondering if they changed it or made it more lenient :confused:

People are just going to cheese that with a second/third player on Casual difficulty.

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Regular winter armor Marcus should have been included instead of the collector’s variant.

Otherwise it’s a skip.

Did this actually happen with anyone? I want to download the update ASAP but I’m not sure about this…

If anyone could clarify this it would be much appreciated

Damn… that’s harsh

It happened with CharLv20. Progression was disabled 2 days later and only a few hours later TC released a PSA that you would keep your progress as long as you wouldn’t play the character for the next 4 weeks. Tough luck If you already did before the announcment was made.

No, I’m talking about progression related to campaign.
I was replaying campaign with a friend of mine, and we made it till ACT 3. So I was asking if downloading this update would mess up my existing save file.