Campaign Unlockables?

Do you guys think that there will be skin unloackables from completing the campaign on different difficulties? This would actually be one of the deciding factors of what I’m going to start playing when I get the game.

I think so. But no one knows for definite except TC.

Gears 1 needed you to beat Campaign for RAAM. Gears 3 needed you to beat Campaign for Unarmoured Marcus. Gears Judgment needed you to beat Campaign for Loomis.

So difficulty might not matter.

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probably, becuase there are no RNG loot boxes anymore they confirmed it in one of the videos

Also in Gears 3 you got a skin for Insane and Tai in Judgement for Insane.

I miss those rewards. Getting 75 GS plus a cool skin was dope…instead of 20 GS and a lousy achievement.

That was FL4K Weapon Skin from Gears 3 Insane? “Ghost Protocol” or something like that,

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Yeah. I mean it was just a green/black/white digital camo, but it was unique and I rarely saw it in MP.

That was most likely because there were better looking skins. I have it and barely use it cause I have the storm skin and I enjoyed using it.