Campaign, the collectibles and the progress of both the game and the achievements are deleted :(

It’s been like 3 times that the events happen again, in the act one only marked me 12/26 of the collectibles when I grabbed EVERYTHING, ok I thought it was not going to fail and I went to act two do you know how frustrating what is to be looking for all for the third time in a row? In this act alone, he is telling me 23/36 WTF I HAD ALREADY COLLECTED THEM ALL, then I went to act three (finally he marked me what I have all the collectibles of this chapter “eye” only this chapter) but what do you think? I restart all my statistics of this act and it does not appear to me that I have completed my side missions THE JACK AVILITIES THAT COUGHED ME TOO TO GET THEM, it really helps I am going crazy with this game