Campaign: THAT Decision and why it did it happen? *Spoilers for Act 4, Chapter 1*

The decision of whether to save JD or Del doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  1. Why would Queen Reyna even bother to give you some decision regarding two “random” (to her) Gears as to who lives or dies? Unless I am missing something, it does not achieve any goal or serve as any rational plot device.

  2. Why not just throw the knife at Reyna herself? It seems way too obvious.

  3. How will this carry over in Gears of War 6? (notice I didn’t write “Gears 6” and follow TC down the stupidest rebranding I’ve heard of). Surely the survivor will be in the game. Even if they ask you who lived or died at the beginning of the game, are the developers really going to do double the work for what is essentially one character? Repeating the same lines twice, animating the same scenes twice…doing everything twice for 1 survivor, then again for the other. For those of you who have played the Mass Effect trilogy, think Virmire Survivor Ashely Williams/Kaiden Alenko. If they kill the survivor off in the beginning of GoW 6 to avoid all of that then this decision was meaningless anyway.

(PS. gladly let Del die after he kept walking in front of the Hammer of Dawn targeting laser and getting me killed. Also, did it for Marcus).


Because you’re playing as Kait, and the hive/mind/queen whatever she was at that point, knew Kait’s connection/friendship with both Del and JD was a way to impact her; and what better way than to have the burden of guilt that you chose to sacrifice one and not the other. - Uh my guess anyhow?

  1. As you said.

3 - I also let Del die, even though JD’s an uber d-bag, just simply because i couldn’t do it to Marcus lol

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  1. Kait has a connection to the Swarm, like Reyna, due to being in Myraah’s bloodline. This is why they grabbed Reyna (daughter) in Gears of War 4. Reyna having her make that choice probably served as psychological torture, for the purpose of making her more vulnerable, hopefully so the Swarm could grab her more easily due to recklessness. Maybe guilt would drive her to stray away from the COG. Who knows?

  2. Reyna is her mother. It would probably be better knifing JD than your own mother, even if your mother is a monster now.

  3. Hopefully with an alive Del. JD has the personality of a belt sander. More excuse to have Marcus as a main character, because of the revenge arc.

The new “queen” had access to Kaits memories so she knew she cared about those two.

Going for the kill is not so easy when being told “choose one and let the other die”. Obvious as it was it created a good scene.

Wasn’t about to let my good buddy Del that helped my sorry ■■■ through the whole campaign take a fall so JD took a dirt nap. How will this carry over? hard to tell since with the current performance of G5 there is no guarantee at all Microsoft will even consider spending $$ for a G6, the damage done to the franchise in such a short time is staggering.

Because it was dramatic. That’s all I can think of. For now.


Had a connection. She severed it in Act 2 towards its end, and unless Niles was an even bigger d-bag than we were lead to believe it’s gone for good. It seemed like only the Matriarch was still able to make that connection afterwards, and we killed her, so… Kait’s connection is probably gone for good. And for the better. I still dread to think about what the Swarm might’ve learned about the COG through her before the connection was severed. It’d be kinda stupid if it wasn’t and we went through all the trouble in Act 2 Chapter 5 for not much more than burdening Kait with the knowledge of being certain she’s the granddaughter of the Queen of the Locust Horde.

Off topic but one pretty cool callback to Gears of War 2 I noticed was how we actually only saw the Queen one time this game but it was kind of reversed.

We were on the offensive back then in the Locust capital when we finally saw Myrrah for the first time. Same situation now but flipped, Reyna was on the offensive to the Cog capital when we saw her.

Whether TC did this on purpose is hard to say obviously, but I was left with that same feeling I had at the end of Gears 2. Finally in the thick of the war yet also wanting to know more about the Queen and her motives.

Myrrah’s royal dress in 2 is shockingly reminiscent of how Reyna ends up looking.

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Imo this was the moment that destroyed the campaign for me…
First 2 acts were good, last 2 acts were mediocre and BAD!


At this point I think we just wanna know which is canon

Basically whoever died gets the Zombie skin of their character in 6


It doesn’t make any sense to do this type of thing with this franchise. It does nothing more than complicate the series and even make it harder for the developers. I don’t understand why they’d put themselves in this position willingly lol.

I dunno about anyone else but that part destroyed the campaign for me. In the end it just made me feel detached from the whole story…like “ahh the hell with it.” Why? Because it’s ridiculous. This isn’t an rpg where we restart the next game as someone else somewhere else. This is the story and following of one group of soldiers that we will inevitably follow in the next game. You’re just creating problems where there shouldn’t be any.


If JD die and not Del, Gears 6 will be a master joke

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Well I don’t believe they’re going for either choice as canon. I believe it’ll be two timelines. Which doesn’t work imo.

  1. The Queen was in Kait’s mind during her connection to the Hive Mind. She knows everything their is to know about her Granddaughter, which includes her closest friends. Her intention was to kill both, but Kait’s intervention prevented that. That’s it.

  2. Throwing the knife directly at the Queen did not guarantee a kill and could’ve clumsily resulted in the death of both J.D. and Del.

  3. It’ll clearly be J.D. who survives, being the son of Marcus Fenix it’s all but confirmed. Hasn’t Marcus lost enough?

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The ultimatum itself works great to make Kait suffer in a narrative sense.

The problem was that the PLAYER chose who died, not Kait. It would have been more effective to have Kait let
Reyna kill off Del in the cutscene right then and there.
Not only did the player choice further strip her of her agency as a character, it just wouldn’t make much sense narratively to just not let Del die.

JD has an arc to finish, Del has none and Baird does about everything Del does and more.

“That’s not good!”
~ Del for the 1000th time

Who cares. The COG should create an anti-aging mechanism and they should have Delta come back and finish the job off proper. At this point, it’s just as reasonable as where the story is going anyway.

Any chance that Kait just dreamt the entire scenario of Act 4? She was having hella nightmares. Maybe they reconnected her to the hive mind and she was having premonitions of future events. I’m trying to figure out if anything seemed like it could have been a dream during Act 4.

Aside from the feeling that the game took a weird turn and the new Queen made no sense? This is actually a good theory and would help explain why the story just took a nose dive after Act 2. I hope it’s true.

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It’s been established that the Swarm evolve from carrion since 4 so having a rez’d Reyna isn’t so farfetched.

Can’t speak for Act 3, that should have just been JD and Fahz bonding before reuniting in Act 4.

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