Campaign suggestion

I would love it if when we beat the game we could use chapter select and choose whatever weapons we want for our loadout as long as it’s not on a higher difficulty than when we beat the game. Also ammo boxes should work with all weapons


It starts you out with normal weapons because that’s just how saves work. It’s not a big deal.

Ammo boxes only work on COG weapons because A) They’re COG ammo boxes, and B) Balancing so you can’t just use the Boomshot/Dropshot the whole way through.

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I think you misunderstand. I’m only referring to after you beat the game. Like if you already beat the game on normal you should be able to replay any chapter you want on normal with like a dropshot and a longshot for example. It would add more replayability

Possibly. But I don’t know anybody who just jumps on a campaign chapter and plays from there. Campaign isn’t really built for replayability.

That’s what Horde/VS is for.

If I had a Hammerburst and went to Ammo Box, I’m pretty sure I’ll get more Hammerburst ammo. And this isn’t a COG created weapon.

Well true, but I just meant a majority. Because it refills the Lancer, Snub, Gnasher, Longshot, Enforcer, etc. Hammerburst and Boltok too, just not any more powerful weapons.

Yeah, Gears 4 didn’t have much reason to replay, except for Achievements.

Compared to Gears 3, Gears 3 did have waaay more replayability with the Medal, 4-players Co-op and Mutators.

I’m hoping Gears 5 brings Mutators back. And the open world should be more interesting with 3-players Co-op, this time.

See, now if 5 brought back, Arcade, Mutators, etc–then there’d be cause to add in loadouts, skins–etc. But atm, nope.

quietly keeps replaying Gears 4 for the fourth time because Inconceivable makes for a more exciting, immersive experience than anything in Gears 1/Ultimate

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