Campaign *SPOILERS*

I didn’t like the choice in the game to include which character you save/kill, it makes gears 6 even harder to think about.
If you’re a new player and when opening campaign is it gonna say “DID YOU KILL JD/DEL”
how are they going to write around this? two stories? obviously not, knowing TC
I think that Del should be the canon death, seeing how he’s horrible at his only role (being the funny engineer man). JD got way more interesting and now the fact that he lost his “brother” just like Marcus lost his “brother”, the Marcus scene where Del dies is an amazing scene.


Honestly, I think JD living will be the canon decision, seeing as how Del’s death would make the perfect character development piece JD needs to grow to even FIT in his father’s badass shadow, on top of his failure with the Hammer of Dawn heroics he attempted. Losing the person that was closest to both of our previous protagonists could bring Kait and JD closer than ever and shape their bond into something even stronger than before.

Sharing that hole in their heart and weight on their shoulders will make JD and Kait one hell of a duo, with one shared fiery motivation for what’s to come next in their adventure for Gears 6.


makes me wonder why they put the choice anyway


I think it was such a weird thing to put in. They could’ve put any new feature in the game, but they decided to make a randomly placed narrative choice. :joy:

If only Queen Myrrah had killed them both…


Is it Queen Reyna?

Or nah because Myrrahs still in control… Now I feel bad for Gabe and Oscar. They didn’t ask to be related to the queen of the uglies.

I’d assume it’s Myrrah in Reyna’s body. And it’s not like Kait asked to be related to the Queen either.

As for the actual topic, I’m thinking the ‘choice’ would’ve been better if :
A - We weren’t the one to make it but TC just made Kait choose or there would have been an automatic, canon choice if you waited/hesitated for too long;

B - If the choice had been between Lizzie and Oscar(all due respect to Oscar, but… I’d have taken Lizzie here), instead of Del and JD, or someone other than Oscar, whose death at least felt ok-ish in a way, but not Lizzie’s, because her death felt rather underwhelming and not appropriate, especially since it is one of the best characters TC have made to date but they just kill her off in a scene that doesn’t feel deserving of her… not that anyone deserves to die that way, and without even establishing prior relations to at the very least JD, so it just feels like there is no closure on that, and they didn’t even seem to think it was even remotely important to show Clayton’s reaction to it, or to somehow explain why everyone seemingly just forgot about Lizzie and literally never mentions her again besides Kait once at the beginning of Act 3 and then never again… though I don’t know who else could’ve taken Oscar’s place who isn’t JD or Del or someone from old Delta Kait would care about. Paduk seems highly unlikely, Kait would barely have known him at that point ;

C - Paduk had been around and decided to intervene and throw the Queen off, thus allowing Del and JD to get out of there, instead of seemingly wandering off after leaving the Hammer of Dawn beacon to be carried to its intended destination by Kait.

D - Combine points B and C but replace Del and JD in C with Oscar and Lizzie.

But what does saying this help now… TC chose the existing approach instead of more sensible approaches towards certain characters. As much as I’d have liked Lizzie living for longer during 5s Campaign or even surviving it, and for there to not have been a choice or for it to at least not have been between Del and JD, I very much doubt she survived the Hammer in Settlement 2. No one outright says she is dead after that, and Kait only mentions it in the form of “What happened to Lizzie wasn’t your fault” when talking to Baird about the Hammer and wanting to know if she could rely on him when it is brought back online, but the final Act 1 cutscene heavily implies she is.

They should really learn when it is appropriate to kill off a character… wouldn’t it have guilt tripped JD as well if his actions had resulted in Lizzie landing in coma for several months(or longer) and with severe injuries/burns worse than his? At least there’d be a possibility of her returning later on, instead of a not great and kind of pointless feeling death scene?

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Locust Forever mate :wink:

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It’s Myrrah that’s in control, Reyna’s body is all she was useful for.


You know it :fist:

I chose to save JD.

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I expect whichever you chose to save jd would somehow always be the one to die or they would have had to write 2 endings