Campaign Softlock in Act 2, Chapter 4 if Jack progress is broken

So as I mentioned in a previous post, if your Jack progress is as broken so that your abilities reset after every act, then you’ll actually softlock right here when you have to Pulse for the signal. Pulse simply is not selectable:

Well, guess my Ironman run is softlocked then!

Could be a PC issue…?

Need to know if those people who have the same bug, are playing on PC (Steam version). Because I just booted up the game on console and guess what. All the upgrades are there! (Same for Windows version)

But both had slots where I already completed the campaign so… only the Steam version doesn’t.

My friend has similar error on Xbox, so its Gears 5 things again.

The same for me on Xbox and PC if the host play for the first time and I am a guest as Jack with normally all the abilities but flash and pulse are buggy (empty slots).
If I am the host, no abilities bugs

I have exactly the same issue on the Series X.

Thanks to @Wabgarok for being able to cross-check this with his save-files, I have now confirmed that this is indeed depending on which local save-files you currently have stored on your machine (console, PC (Windows), PC (Steam)).

If you do NOT have a campaign save that has everything unlocked, the above situation will happen. If you do have a save-file somewhere, that has some of the upgrades unlocked (preferably all of them) this issue can be resolved.

Technically you can take someone else’s save-files and replace the ones you have on your machine (not possible on console afaik) or you just create a campaign and unlock everything in it and never remove that file to constantly have access to everything. Important that Jack Progression has to be disabled in that one save.

@GhostofDelta2 I imagine you don’t have any ways to address this to TC to have this properly fixed in one way or another? It’s an issue that affects all platforms and exists since NG+ was introduced.

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@TC_GEARS fantastic explanation above of the cause of the issue.

I believe that’s it exactly what one of my friends did. He’s on PC not Steam.

On Windows I have a save with everything unlocked and an Iron Man checkpoint at the end too, I’m planning to publish those somewhere so people can use those to avoid having to do this themselves until TC finds a fix for it.
I can not guarantee that it works on Windows, but on Steam it definitely does.

I’m now generating that save-file on Steam for Steam users too (without Iron Man though).


That’s extremely nice of you! :blush:

Hey Commander, I have the Pulse Gltich, could I get help with this please?

I have uploaded my save-files into the Discord under the #resources channel in case anyone on PC (Windows or Steam) is stuck.
The process on how to use them is explained there.

Keep in mind that it will override ALL your current campaign save-files. But at least if you’re running Jack Progression enabled, it should function properly.

There’s no solution for console players yet. You’ll have to collect all the upgrades in one playthrough yourselves and never remove or override that save-file.

Thanks for this, I ended up finding a way around it but this will help others tremendously! Thanks for your help regardless. Much appreciated it.