Campaign progression stuck (ACT 3 SPOILERS)

My single player campaign is now stuck without the ability to complete Act 3 it seems.
Order I completed the main open world tasks:
-Cosmonaut Facility - Collected Beacons
-Dropped single Beacon to Baird at Airport
-Rescued Beacon convoy from Pouncer attack
-All other checkpoints/sub tasks
-Rocket Hanger - Nosecone/Satellites
-Turntable - Send rocket back via train to hanger

I know I now need to go back to the Rocket Hanger to then choose to ‘leave the desert’ and end the Act/start boss fight no doubt, but It seems to think I haven’t got the Beacons yet, despite the fact I did that first and its marked as completed on my map…

Anyone else had a similar issue with the campaign?

Many thanks in advance.

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Having the same issue. Apparently completing the cosmonaut facility before the train sequence causes a bug.

Have you found a solution?

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I have the exact same problem. So frustrated, If this wasn’t “free” with the Game Pass I’d be demanding a refund. This bug was reported over a week ago, and AFAIK, nothing has been done to fix it.

guys… its worth checking out this thread until its fixed…