Campaign progress not carried over from PC to Xbox

Hey guys!
First of all I want to say this game is absolutely incredible! Yeah there are a few snags here and there but ultimately the game is mind blowing :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I bought Ultimate on Xbox but it was going to be delivered late, so as a hyped fan I bought ultimate on Steam too to get on a bit earlier, rather than waiting for the posty.
I’ve played Act 1 with my friend last night. Then we went to bed.
Wake up today to find that my Xbox edition had been delivered. So I’ve booted it up, however my campaign progress is locked. Everything else has carried over from PC but just my campaign is fully locked except the initial mission A1:C1.

Is there any fix for this or do I have to play the entire Act again? Only I know that Gears 5 supports cross save between platforms.

Thanks :smile: