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Campaign on insane is too hard

Ok, but you don’t get oneshot by every enemy though is my point. Some enemies do kill you in one hit, but there is plenty of opportunity to avoid and manage that in the game. I talk about Jack because he can really make a difference in the tougher sections, and he wasnt there in the earlier games ofc, The game is no harder than Halo 2, where enemies could onehit you far more easily and commonly (think gravemind intro room, outskirts snipers, the entirety of regret). Chief in that game and in CE had relatively the same amount of health, if not less, than the characters in Gears 5, in the face of massive enemy damage and those games were far less forgiving than Gears 5 is, especially their checkpoints. You didn’t have jack in earlier halo games, and while the ai in gears 5 has its issues, the allies in earlier halo games did literally nothing and actually hindered you by throwing explosives. Jack isn’t invicible, I know that, but using his abilities at the right time very often means the difference between life and death

Also one shot doesn’t mean one shot in the literal sense of the word. Dying from 2-3 shots from a drone’s hammy is just as ■■■■■■■■.

Honestly you have to play smart when playing insane I don’t think this is a the hardest gears campaign if anything gears 3 was way harder.

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It’s all about how you manage that risk though. Cover and ammo being the two biggest things. It’s frustrating, I get that, but if you’ve finished all the previous games on insane then you’ll know what you’re in for and how to deal with it. Since you’re in 3 player Jack is far less helpful than he would otherwise be (not being revivable being the biggest issue, also less cover) so I can empathise with you there. But that’s just the difficulty scaling up to account for more players, which again is a normal thing across games. I would argue that co op made Halo 2 Legendary a lot harder, and it seems that Gears 5 is the same in that sense

I have gripes with previous gears games as well. But can you guys honestly not visualise a challenging campaign experience that doesn’t have you dying left right and centre, just because some drone blew a puff of air in your direction?

@Azrylis Maybe. I’ll have to check out single player insane then.

About to finish act 3 on insane with a friend it’s difficult but not Impossible if it’s to hard maybe it’s not your speed lower the difficulty

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It’s doable, but it’s not exactly fun.

The fight with myrrah was brutal on insane


I’ve only played solo so I can definitely understand your frustration. The AI has its issues yes but since they are invincible it made it much easier to control the situation. If you’d said you were in co op earlier I wouldn’t have come off so harshly, sorry about that. You’ll be fine in solo if you’ve completed the previous games. It’s no cakewalk by any means, but it’s definitely easier without the risk of teammates dying

The how long to beat website showed 15 hours for main story. Did the campaign solo on Insane. 15 hours and 7 minutes. All main missions and side missions. Not a bad estimate.

I also am not the best at those difficulties. Most of the time I died because of my own error. Insane just punishes you more harshly.

I will say, there are some easy fights and some more difficult ones. The mine fight I fought was a bit much, the boss fights with the flocks, wardens etc. I thought was relatively easy, I thought bastions and scions with other enemies was more difficult.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is take a break if something is frustrating you. Works a lot for me. But the challenge of creating a strategy and beating a section is very satisfying.

It’s funny. I’m actually finding the fights with scions and bastions easy, but fights with flocks and wardens tough. The flock is just so damn fast.

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Damn your reasoned arguments :wink:

3 times already! Don’t you sleep man/lady/Locust.

I think I’m going to struggle on insane, like others I have completed all previous games on insane, but you know I’m older and can’t be bothered, which I’m at peace with. Fair play to anyone that does it though.

I can understand you and may be agree with you, but with a little bit of skill and strategy you can beat them, but yes, is ridiculous, for example picking up some collectible in the middle of desert and instantly 4 or 5 enemies are around you and you die. Is stupid, there’s some moments like. But the worst part of this game is that is broken, I beat the campaign on insane and I didn’t receive the achievements, and some collectibles aren’t showing up. There’s more issues but It doesn’t matter, they won’t be fixed. They’re more focused on their wanna be fortnite ingame store.

Same here dude I completed on insane done all jacks special abilities no achievements and only says I’ve done up to act 2 on stats but mission select says done all on insane. I think the difficulty is just right all about playing it smart and learning what some of the bosses do to complete. It’s pretty rewarding once you beat a bit you’ve been stuck on for a while

I always do my first play through on experienced. And im not going to lie i thought it was easy till the difficulty snook up on me. But managed after i took it back to basics and slowed down. I can imagine it on biggest gripe is the sires and ally Ai if it wasnt for jack some areas would be unmanageable. I think at times i might be making things harder by not actively using jack at times

I’ve completed first gears on hardest difficulty few times, but that was a long time ago and i don’t remember how things were, but i can’t recall ever being frustrated. In Gears 4 however at some point in campaign i had to quit insane difficulty. And that point was a defense at some mansion on second floor against waves of enemies. In the end i felt it’s stupid luck related and 95% random if you go through it or not. I felt like AI ALWAYS goes for you, even if they have to go through friendly AI, they will just ignore them and go for you and you have no chance in a melee fight, their attack will trigger first and if you go close up with gnasher you can’t kill an enemy fast enough because your shots do less damage to them it seems, you can land a shot or maybe even 2 (don’t remember now) and then get one-shoted by enemy’s gnasher shot. So it felt really ■■■■■■. It felt like i tried really everything and couple of times i almost got through, but died at the last moment to a bad luck. At some point i stopped and thought, okay, perhaps i’am doing something wrong and just not seeing something. So i went on Youtube to look how other ppl did it. Well what i’ve found were basically exploit videos where ppl were triggering fight and then backtracking, letting it play out between AI and then waiting around the corner for enemies to show up and taking them out one by one. So i laughed and thought, ■■■■ this ■■■■ and switched to hardcore. And the game was boring on hardcore as it was too easy. At some point i tried to go back to insane, but soon enough, as i expected, i encountered another bottleneck and after that i just gave up for good. Gears 5 i started on insane, but at some point switched to experienced, as i wanted to actually have fun in the game and not torture myself through poorly balanced mechanics. I also had a thought that perhaps insane is balanced for co-op, because in many situations it seemed to me that if only i had a decent partner it would’ve been ok, but from this topic it seems that it’s actually vice versa and playing in co-op only makes it even harder. Now, i know that my skill is not high enough and that if i want to really test it i need to improve, but seeing this kind of difficulty where it’s based on uneven damage numbers and health pool and accuracy and focusing AI attention on a player, it makes it all feel cheap and thus i don’t feel a motivation to try and beat it. In Halo it felt fun because AI was actually getting better and still acting believable, Here it seems that improving your skill actually means not improving your aim or movement, or thinking during fight, but rather gimping this ■■■■ out somehow, finding gimmicks that work. Just felt like sharing after reading the topic.

PS. I will probably try insane again, i just want to see how it can play out with Jack now, as later in the game he gets some really powerful abilities.

good to know. haven’t tried insane yet.but after playing on normal I can imagine how jack could save the day. what did u upgrade first? health?

I’ve never found the flock that big of a problem. The Claw and the Lancer GL melts them.

Wardens are not too difficult, but when you get the flash ult, all you need to do is take off the helmet then flash him. His health will go down massively.

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I’ve finished the campaign on insane solo (same with GoW 4), so here are my tips to make it “easier”.
Abuse Jack. Abuse him every chance you get. Here are the 4 most useful abilities that I found in my playthrough.

  1. Flash. It’s the first ability you get and probably the best ability you’ll ever get. Most useful on larger enemies to stop them from attacking. It works on all bosses except the matriarch
  2. Use Stim to tank shots if you can’t dodge an attack or you get surrounded
  3. Alternatively to #2, if you’re a little proactive you can use stealth the reposition without being seen.
  4. The hacker ability. Turns deebees against your enemies. Especially useful for the scions that come out with those deebees that shield them (don’t remember their name). When you take em over, you get the shield instead. Increase the duration of this with an upgrade when you can.

Make sure you’re finding a decent amount of components to upgrade these abilities. You certainly don’t need every upgrade though.


Lancer (or the GL), Claw and Boltok. Get a retro lancer if you can’t get a claw (like in earlier acts). That was my goto setup. Especially the boltok. The boltok is an absolute monster as long as you land headshots. It melts even the bigger enemies. Make SURE you are getting HEADSHOTS and tons of actives with every weapon. If you aren’t headshotting with actives then you’re wasting bullets and time.

Power weapons? Use em if it’s convenient (like you can easily pick back up your other weapon once done) otherwise don’t worry about them. Things like the boomshot, torque bow, etc. don’t have a lot of ammo (and explosive ammo crates are rare) and you may only get one or two enemies with them because they all sponge bullets. The setup I mentioned above is much more efficient due to larger clips and will get the job done.

Make sure you spot enemies as much as possible so your AI teammates know who to shoot. Every bullet counts.

Thats what I can get out off the top of my head. I may come back to edit this later. In a hurry. Hope this helps a bit.

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I’m not finding it to be that difficult so far. You just have to play a different way. You can’t get shot. That may sound stupid but run and gun is not going to work on Insane. Jack makes Insane on this one easier than 4 IMO.

For early game, I stick to shock trap and Stim. Later I find the hijack and bullet shield are more useful depending on the encounter (can’t use both since hijack takes priority).