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Campaign on insane is too hard

Campaign on insane is too hard, its honest to god not fun at all. Why is everything a one shot kill? Seriously. You have no health on insane, there’s no DBNO, and all the enemies are bullet sponges. There’s literally no room for error, which would be fine if every enemy you fought didn’t have pinpoint accuracy, but they do.

You can’t just make your character piss weak and the enemies impossible to kill on harder difficulties. Instead, the AI needs to be smarter.


This is one of the larger complaints I have about a lot of modern games, but Gears specifically has gotten really deep into the nonsense.

I don’t know why game developers decided ultra hard just means making everything a bullet sponge and the player is made of paper. I prefer tactics and mechanics and having to strategize my game play.

This campaign is literally just hiding behind cover, only popping up when you see the enemy reloading so you can hit them while they can’t shoot you, and then you wait for another opening. That’s literally it. It is the most boring and frustrating shears campaign yet on insane.


To add to this, turning down the difficulty isn’t really ideal either. While it fixes the issue of damage received and dealt, the weak gears AI make the game too easy.

The difficulty is fine. It’s not meant to be easy on Insane. Among a lot of casualisation in other parts of the game, Insane is the way it should be. Sorry, but if you’re finding it too difficult to complete, it’s more a reflection of your own skill.

It’s also easier than previous Insane campaigns since they added Jack. I had to complete the entire campaign solo on insane 3 times before it finally registered. You can’t just rush in and expect to win on the hardest difficulty, that’s the point.


Games like doom and halo manage to be difficult on harder difficulties without making your character piss weak. You can have challenge without having every kill be a one shot kill.


There’s only a few enemy types who can can one shot you though, like snipers, which is exactly the same as Halo on Legendary, and in Halo you don’t even know if they’re aiming at you. Other enemies, like pouncer spikes, they’re effectively minibosses so high damage is to be expected and was exactly the same in GoW4, except you didn’t have Jack then. The other enemies, you do have time to get into cover once they start firing, or to retreat if they have a shotgun and you see/hear them coming. In tougher situations you can get through by using Jack properly, including against snipers and shotgun enemies.

Which part are you finding difficult? The only part I found frustrating was a fight against a carrier and flock at the same time, but that was partially my own fault for not managing my ammo properly and also the game despawning dropped weapons after reloading. There was also an autoscroller section that was a bit frustrating, but again that was my fault for not collecting ammo. The amount of damage the enemies do is normal for Insane and you have to change your tactics . You wouldn’t play Halo on Legendary in the same way you’d play on other difficulties, even Heroic, because like in Gears you’d get killed very quickly.


Because they can’t be bothered to make the AI different in every mode.

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That’s all you have to say? I tried to be reasonable in my reply, but your posts are clearly reactionary then because the game owned you and you got angry. Insane is fine. Get better at the game and stop looking for excuses. There’s a reason literally no one else is complaining about Insane…either they are good enough to complete it, or know it’s the hardest difficulty and isn’t meant to be a walk in the park. You don’t fall into either of those categories. Insane is not for casual players, and it never has been. In every previous instalment (if you have even completed them), if you tried to rush forward as a bullet magnet you’d get wrecked very quickly, which clearly is what’s happening to you, so the fault is yours and not the game’s.


The problem is Experienced is too easy and insane is hard to a fault.

I know some people like that but my point is their should be an ‘elite’ mode between experienced and insane

I want to have intense moments, not get bodied by a hammer burst :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for experienced as I’ve only played on Insane, but I really hate the whole argument of ‘I’m not good enough to play on x difficulty, therefore game is bad’ on display here. It really comes out as well when the person can’t follow up on their points, and literally came to post here out of rage. That’s the player’s fault, not the game’s, and I’ve yet to see anyone else complain about Insane so far, because in terms of difficulty it’s just right. It’s intended to be the most difficult and plays as such. There is no contrast with say Halo because Legendary on Halo is exactly the same. You play bad on Legendary, the game wrecks you, particularly in the earlier Halo games (not so much in H5). I’d be curious to know how many previous insane campaigns the OP has completed, and which Halo games if any they’ve finished on Legendary.

Ultimately I would say it comes down to skill level. You have to be good at the game to complete Insane. If you find Experienced too easy but Insane too hard, with enough practice you can eventually finish Insane and have plenty of intense moments along the way. There’s always been a jump from Hardcore to Insane and changing your tactics accordingly, including with Jack now, is the best way to manage that. The notion that player characters should be able to take a massive amount of shots on the hardest difficulty is completely ridiculous and has never been a feature in Gears, thankfully it isn’t in this one either.

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You missed my point entirely. My point was;

Insane as it is has a place in the game, but we need a difficulty above experienced and below insane.

You responded to me as if I was the original guy you referred to…

FYI, I’ve completed all gears on insane for the achievement. Yes it was satisfying but not fun. Im playing through campaign for the second playthrough to get the insane and seriously achievement and I’m on Act 3 just before the Kraken boss.

I didn’t mean to come off like that towards you, sorry.

I have to disagree with having a difficulty between Experienced and Insane though. If experienced is anything like hardcore was, it provides a good platform to practice for insane, while insane is the real deal and the crowning challenge. Again, what you determine to be fun or too difficult depends entirely on your skill level. I find Insane hugely fun while lower difficulties are too boring. I understand why people might think insane isn’t fun if they’re dying constantly, but again it’s all about skill. Practice makes insane fun and you have to respect the difficulty or the game will punish you. Lower difficulties are designed for more casual experiences, and that’s always been the way. Even hardcore on previous games was arguably too easy, and that’s especially the case on experienced since you can use jack now

Ok let me adjust my point;

I like to complete the campaign on a challenging mode, but not die so much it ruins the experience. I will then play insane when I’ve experienced the campaign.

Trust me, my first play through is always on hardcore and that always gave me a good challenge but experienced is the easiest thing ever.

One problem is the enemy solely targets your character and ignores your AI partners as potential targets. And COG AI are incredibly stupid…


I agree. The enemy AI has been heavily improved, but the allies? Yeah, no.

They should always be in equilibrium with the latest title.

Hahahahaha “i see you”. Yeah the A.I. For allies gets rediculous. While enemy a.i. Be on point.


Lmao, sorry dude. I’m at uni atm so I don’t have time to type up a proper response. Was just trying to be funny mate.

I see where you’re coming from. I guess it’s all subjective, especially things like intense moments. Playing on insane doesn’t take away the intensity for me at least, it only adds to it with the constant threat of being killed at any time, which isn’t really there on hardcore (and definitely isn’t there on experienced from what you’ve said). However, other people may also think experienced is too difficult, so it all comes down to skill level and what you expect from the difficulty levels. It’s not fair really to blame the game for being too hard, the difficulties are a choice. Things being too hard on the hardest difficulty, as in the OP, is definitely a different issue to things being too easy on lower difficulties though, and is not the fault of the game as that’s the way it’s designed to be. The gap between insane and the difficulty before it is definitely more a player-related thing and is dependent on how good you are at the game. Though you find it easy, others wouldn’t and I’m not sure how far adding another difficulty between the two would address things, especially if your main gripe is with the AI of teammates

■■■■■■■■. 1) I’ve finished every halo and past gears game on then hardest difficulties.

  1. I never said you should be able to take massive amounts of damage in the hardest difficulty. I just said you shouldn’t be one shot killed by every damn enemy, all of whom have pin point accuracy. Quit twisting my words.

Also stop talking about jack like his gods gift to earth. When you’re playing 3 player (like I am) he dies just as quickly as the rest of the gang.

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