Campaign Issues

Why are the enemies now bullet sponges , and you as the player die almost instantly and what about DBNO it seems to cease to exist anymore. A simple hammerburst kills the player quickly while a bloody damn turret the enemies can just chew up before you overheat, this is even on easy mode as well. The player seems to be also the main fing target only, the player pops their head out to attack immediately focused upon.

Ruining the experience of Gears, I remember taking a boomshot to the face and surviving, now a ■■■■■■ hammerbust obliterates you. Go from 0-100 in a second from a long range shotgun too.

What difficulty are you playing on??

First intermediate, then I bumped it down to beginner to see if it was the problem. Nope.

Good luck on Insane then, that is difficult.

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Beginner has more bullet sponge than I would have thought!

What the absolute feck it’s working now, ■■■■■■■ game ■■■■ itself last night and broke DBNO is working and the swarm are not op anymore and playing properly.


Go get em!

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