Campaign issue train tunnel side mission

I am trying to get all of the components for jack to get the achievement, There is a bug that i have found in the game once you reach the train tunnel to the the collectable and the component after you fight the carrier, you go near the train car and see the x button to leave the area. Well the x button wont show up, i have tried to reload the game and chapter and still does not work i took a video to show proof so if you are having this problem i guess we have to wait for the tc to fix this.

You don’t leave the area via the train. The train has the component. Go to the side where you came from. There’s the exit.

I know that you see the x button to get a boost on top of the train car to leave the area. That what my post was about i didnt see the x button to leave the area.

Got that video? I can’t see anything on your Twitter. Seems to be restricted.