Campaign is still bugged and glitched

I’ve only played Gears 5 for its multiplayer, I haven’t played story campaign because of reports of collectibles not updating and a whole slew of problems since launch.

Fast forward to today and I get my feet wet to play the campaign and the game is still broken.

I dunno what I did, but my game broke.

TC please patch!

Actually, you came across a checkpoint glitch.

If you used it to your advantage by making jack lower the bridges, you could’ve easy passed that area without any enemies or a timer.

Hopefully you know what to do next time that happens…

There are some issues remaining, but in this case you should’ve restarted the previous checkpoint. It’s also nice that Marcus was there to lovingly support you by standing on the ledge you couldn’t reach :joy:

Anyway, I just finished a complete collectible/component run last week and can confirm it does actually track as I had no issues and got all the achievements. The only issue I noticed was that upon loading up Act 1 - Chapter 1 my components were “reset” to 0, the same with every chapter following that, but as long as you keep a consistent play through it’s fine.

Its crazy how many people report bugs on this game yet I’m now on my 4th play through and the only bugs I ever had was the progress not tracking back in September when the game released, but ever since my second play through i have had no issues

Oh, i had a crazy one where the cover was invisible on ACT 3, probably a breakable cover that forgot that pressing A should only let me roll in the scripting.

My xbox has stopped auto uploading my clips, so i need to get back on that.

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I recently did a components/relic run with a friend. What we discovered is relic weapon achievements don’t track for second player. So while he was getting his progress, I was getting ■■■■. Had to do ANOTHER run of Act 2 - 3 on my own to get them.

That was also our second time doing that run due to 30+ components deciding not to spawn the first time around.

It’s a very, very buggy campaign.


When you make your game Online only:

TC: huh, we’re getting complaints about campaign bugs and glitches. (Has to do with those servers)

343 Industries: huh, People want us to fix the lag on custom maps and bring split-screen. (Well… yeah.)

Bethesda: Huh, People are complaining about not being able to enjoy fallout. (Pretty obvious, Todd probably knows that too.)