Campaign is gone, Settings reset everytime i start the game (HELP ME)

Im on pc, Using the Game Pass Ultimate to play the Game.

Everytime i start my game im stuck in this loading screen for 5ish minutes

then i get to the Brightness Calibration Screen like i never played the game before. Also every single skin or item i have unlocked has a ! on it so i have to go check all of them cause OCD… Also after it’s done loading-

I have to play the Boot Camp. I know i can just go to the Main menu but this is getting on my nerves.

My Campaign progress is gone too…


Every single time i open the game i have to do this…
Please some dev or someone that knows what to do, tell me :slight_smile: thanks

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Exactly the same issue here!

PC Ultimate Edition.

Anyone know how to sort this?

Having the same issue for the last few days… Was working fine before then. Did you ever get this resolved? If so, how?