Campaign is broken. BE CAREFUL!

The title speaks for itself. I just finished the first chapter of act 2 and the game crashed. I restart the game and now I have to do the entire section over again. Collectibles? Gone. Components? Gone. I just got the ability to command jack to revive people too. How broken is this game man? Do tc actually know how to commit to quality control? Unbelievable.


Same happened to me at the end of a chapter.

Played Campaign while the MP was broke. Now it looks like I’m playing MP while the Campaign’s broke.


I just cleared that snow map and all the areas and done the last act mission. Controls froze up and had an infinite saving checkpoint. Loaded game back up and it started me at the very start of the map… Whole game progress is deleted in stats

Yeah the entire save for the act was corrupted. I was stuck on a black screen and it was still saving.

Just started act 1 chapter 3 and couldn’t get out of the first room where a case is blocking your path so I tried to reload last checkpoint and the screen went white and all I saw was black silhouettes and then it said kait has died… did it twice then I couldn’t even choose an option. Had to quit game and now I’m getting the failed message.


Loaded up my campaign in-progress (Insane), had literally gotten all the collectibles & components up to the last chapter in ACT 1. Checked on the “Collectables” in the pause menu and all of my items had a COG wheel loading on them… after a minute or so they appeared LOCKED… as if I had not gotten them. The game showed 0/26 collectibles and 14/16 components… so they kept my components progress but wiped all my collectible progress. Turned my Xbox into “offline mode” and everything was back to normal. Probably just finish the campaign while offline until they can put out some fixes.

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The campaign soft locked a few times

It’s sad that we have to resort to that. We shouldn’t even be getting forced to host lobbies. I just had the controls lock up because I opened the guide. Guess what happened? I got reverted back a checkpoint.

People are right when calling this the worst launch ever - of any Gears of War game. Every previous launch in this series had its minor problems and balancing issues, but this? Unprecedented.

It’s a cluster… truck.


Same for me,done the same chapter 3 times,still crashed at the end… gonna have to do it again… honestly can’t be bothered tbh… if i’d paid for this i would have gotten a refund by now…

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I can’t even sign in to resume campaign because Microsoft are having issues. Money well spent on a game but money well spent on Microsoft F*** no. My Xbox has been useless for some time now.

I just noticed all the collectables are back in their locations but you can’t pick 'm up and all the safes Jack has to open are locked again so even when you wanted to go collect 'm again - you can’t. The whole Act is glitched out.

Just watch it on YouTube people.

I got that too! But it didn’t corrupt my save. I had to quit the game and go back in tho.

second time this has happened…it just stays on this screen


This happened to me when I went into the mine and the snatcher killed me… I freaked out cuz I knew it could get corrupted. Quit out, rebooted game.I loaded it…it reverted me to a previous checkpoint.

2nd time happened to me when I picked up a collectible and entered then exited my skiff later. It just froze my controls and had to quit out again.

No saves corrupted but I’m pretty scared now of it happening.

It’s literally competing with agony with the most disastrous launch ever. It’s ridiculous how much crap people are dealing with just to play the campaign. Not even multiplayer. The game got stuck on a black screen once again and now I think it’s gonna reverse me back to the beginning. I just finished with the classic area too

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Heck, just the fact that you can’t play the campaign without connecting to TC servers is BS. I know you can play offline, but I want the recording of my achievements (and playing with friends for those achievements) and we can’t connect. We should be connecting to each other, not TC servers for campaign. What is going on?


Same here…was downloading the game while at work. Got home to not being able to sign in .! Have no idea where the download is at? : t. /

The same problem came upon me too, just quit the game and start it again and you’ll start on the last checkpoint and you’ll be fine, don’t stress it,

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