Campaign Insane & higher

Need a co-op partner to play the campaign of Gears 4 on Insane and higher. No need for quitters, doing this with breaks because we have a life right?! Add my GT: Darkcore Wolf x & message me on there. Thanks ahead! -Wolf

I’ve beaten Insane solo on my first playthrough with all the collectibles and COG tags along the way.
I’ve also been wanting to do Inconceivable for some time and also try co-op achievements.
Do you intend to do or know the Memento Mori Easter Egg?
It’s only unlocked on Insane and above, which is one-shot Boltok to anything.


Can that easter egg be done on inconeivable? I tried on my solo run for the achievement, but it didn’t work.

What didn’t work?
There’s no Achievement tied to Memento Mori Easter Egg.

No, I mean I tried to get the gun to help with solo inconceivable, but the gun never showed up. I think it can only be done on insane, unless I missed a grave.

It is supposed to work, so I’m gonna guess you might have missed a grave or wrong order.

Oh… That gun would have saved me so much time. I thought it was maybe exclusively insane difficulty. :pensive:

I am down for the co-op campaigns and co-op achievements, I have heard about the Boltok but also about a gun that freezes everything (same thing I guess as the Boltok). The gun that freezes everything is in the beginning of the game by the poster-collectible FYI.

I need to beat Act 3 Chapter 3 I’m stuck with Juvies coming off the roof and Swarm Grenadiers

I will help you out with that and the rest, it is easy. Just message me on my GT: Darkcore Wolf x

See you there and good night for now!

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