Campaign Frame Rate Stutters Horribly XB1X

The first act wasn’t bad, but starting in act 2 there are stutters just walking around. It’s worse on the skiff and act 3 has been terrible so far. I’ve done restarts, reinstalls, played offline, it still is a jerky mess. Please look into this because it’s ruining the game for me.

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Frametimes seem to be all over the place after act 1.

This isn’t framerate, it’s frame latency, it’s the same on PC.

Agreed. It’s a mess.
Have you seen the lighting glitches in versus? I made a short video, look at the sides of the screen during roadie run:!AoLd5f0I_KDHjC44j0RWSm3YWB4L?e=E9zzs8
I’m also on XOX.

Yeah it’s not slowdown it seems like when a game has bad frame pacing, like Destiny when it was in beta. Spyro is another one with solid frame rate but the pacing is off causing bad stutter.

With the Xbox one x I didn’t have any problems at all with stuttering. Ran very well.