Campaign for Gears 5

Will there be 4 player Campaign ?

They haven’t said yes or no to that question yet

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It’ll be two player coop, I doubt they’ll go back to to four player coop ever again.

I loved 4 player but I can live with out it as long as there is a great storyline.

The cutscenes seemed to show Kait and Del all alone together, with Jack of course.
I get the feeling it might just be two players co-op.
Meanwhile in Marcus/JD squad, it could potentially be four players.
It’d seem weird to have a Campaign where some scenes are two players, some scenes are four players.
If they’re going with consistency throughout whole Campaign, then might as well stay with two players.

I’m sure they have confirmed it is 2 player. It will be 2 player. Shame as I loved 4 player in 3 and J.

My biggest hope for campaign is for snipe bullets to be in ammo boxes

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In Gears 4, I know Markza bullets can be gotten from ammo boxes. :package:
But not Longshot or EMBAR.
It would be better if ammo box :package: replenished everything.
It is frustrating when collect ammo box :package: but it doesn’t refill a certain weapon that I used often.

Ooooh, another thing that i think would be awesome…

Put in a difficulty where it plays like multiplayer. You and any drone-like enemy have the same health as in multiplayer, as well as weapons doing the same damage. For instance; if you get shot in the head by a longshot, you’re dead. Stuck by a torque bow, you’re dead. Nade at your feet, you’re dead. Same goes the other way if you did it to them. You only get to go dbno twice, after that, you just die and vice-versa. Bigger enemies will be tougher and potentially slower depending on what they are, and it goes the other way for smaller enemies. AI will be better, for lack of a better word. Enemy drones will behave according to their type: snipers will hang back and try to pick you off, grenadiers will use nades more often and try to get in close, and so on. Your bot friend will have more health and will not be killed by things that can instantly take you out. In other words they’re on a different difficulty. That way they probably won’t be a liability.

I think that would be amazing. It would be hard, but fair and more importantly fun.