Campaign does not have xp or credits why

Since it requires xp and credits to help acquire cards you would think campaign mode would have it. Gears 3 had arcade mode for campaign


Most likely because people would figure out the easiest ways to boost xp and credits.

Hmmm. They do that with every mode.


Maybe it can be done in Horde, I don’t know. I don’t play it. But you can’t do that in versus( If I remember correctly, both xp and credits per match are a fixed amount and not directly tied to your performance. Credits definitely are a fixed amount, but I’m not sure about xp as I stopped paying attention to it long ago. But even if it was tied to individual performance, prolonging the match would be counter-productive as you don’t get very much xp from versus if you think of xp per minute. And I have not seen anyone do it in a single match out of the literally thousands of matches I’ve played ).

“Some people cheat” or “some people abuse the system” is not a valid reason to make changes to the game, though. People should be prevented from doing that. Otherwise there’d be no point of having any kind of system that is somewhat tied to your performance in the first place. One might just as well say that “people abuse this op weapon so everything else should be made op as well” instead of fixing what’s wrong with weapon balance. I mean nothing offensive, mind you. Just saying backing up arguments with invalid reasons is counter-productive.

That all said, campaign could give a fixed amount of xp and credits per mission completion. Maybe a fixed time bonus for each mission( the par time being tailored for each mission separately like in Halo ). But definitely no xp credits per kill system. That’d be way beyond too easy and would essentially make xp and credits redundant.