Campaign Difficulty Modifiers - Difficulty Options

Difficulty Levels - Player Health

Casual = 1410
Normal = 720
Hardcore = 420
Insane = 210
Inconceivable = ?.

Please TC respond.

I think its halved again, but not certain.

I thought it was the same health wise just you did less damage and had less supplies?

Once you told us the reason campaign on incon felt easier than insane due to damage dealt by player being higher on first case.

Where’s that info?

Not campaign, but here’s this for horde:

I assume a similar trend follows.
There are also different damage multipliers though… So that throws things off a bit.


Slightly jumbled, you deal more damage on inconceivable than on insane but you get less health and ammo to make up for it

The strat guide the OP linked was made at launch. Inconceivable didn’t exist. I don’t know the exact damage values unfortunately. To further confuse things inconceivable is treated differently in horde versus campaign. In horde inconceivable gives you less health than insane as Bchaps has linked above.

I can barely complete a chapter on insane. Much less anything higher lol

In some ways it is easier, as enemies can’t bum rush you as effectively as they did in insane. At least that was my experience.

Honestly I don’t get it. I’ve beaten all the games on hardcore. I mean a few times I died (especially the pumping station in gears 1/UE) but I just get my butt kicked on insane. Can’t make it past the 2nd turret on the scout mission in the prologue butt kicked.

This game was super easy for me on hardcore and below and a nightmarish grind on insane and above.

My personal feel was that hardcore was too easy and insane was too hard.

After playing through the campaign many times, and with a very competent partner we have beaten the game on insane, incon, and hardcore with ironman.

Honestly Hardcore was fairly easy on all the games for me. I’m decent at most shooters. I usually play through on easy/casual for the first run for the story. Then usually hardcore/nightmare for the next run.

Don’t get me wrong. I died some but yea it’s a serious grind on insane. Like I don’t even want to play and some guys make it look so easy. Maybe I’m just old and my reaction time sucks lol

I feel like Ultranightmare in Doom2016 is easier than GOW4 insane.

Mein Leben on wolfenstein is just plain stupid tho. The courthouse is rediculous

No casual trick?

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One thing that helped was the freaking Boltok.

But I died A LOT. Ironman is not for me.