Campaign Custom Lobby Broken

The custom Campaign lobby is broken.

  1. You cannot tell which campaign you are gonna join (Hivebusters or normal). It seems both types of campaign are mixed in the custom lobby. You can only tell which campaign you are playing when you joined a lobby.

  2. Filtering doesn’t work, searching for 2 players will also show 1 player lobbies.

  3. When you select the filter: 'Hivebusters: Act 1 - Chapter 1 it also shows normal campaign lobbies with Act 1 - Chapter 1, going back to number 1.

  4. I cannot join lobbies with my Series X, it says connection timed out, but joining the same lobbies with my Xbox One S doesn’t seem to be a problem.

  5. The difficulty is wrong in the Hivebuster lobby. For example: I only played the DLC on beginner but it shows I completed it on Inconceivable, it must be mixed up with the normal campaign. I also did not play in coop mode, but yet it says I finished it on beginner :S