Campaign character models vs multiplayer models

I was just going through the campaign on gears of war 4 again recently and got to the part where they introduce the elite drone and I noticed something different about him and it turns out it was the size of his body was completely different in campaign.
He looks like he’s on steroids in campaign and in the multiplayer he looks like a great value version of his former self. The one in the campaign has a bigger face, bigger shoulders and a much bigger torso and boots. I’ve also noticed this with the grenadier too. I get they make the hit box smaller for multiplayer characters but wow this is crazy I think. Anyone else ever noticed this? Btw the picture doesn’t do much justice, might as well load up the mission and see for yourself.

Never noticed this, perhaps down to my lack of Versus playtime in Gears 4.

Sure preferred fighting those guys than the stupid Drone Elite in Gears 5 though. Also, Lancers with 60 round mag > Lancer with 40 round mag, slower fire rate and seemingly worse accuracy any day of the week.

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I definitely see what you mean. He’s got a big, beefy body & some gnarly shoulder spikes that get nerfed hard in MP lol.

If I’m not mistaken, they might’ve done the same to the Palace Guard. I think they slightly modified their shoulder pads to not stick out as much as they did in 2 & 3. I could be wrong
I definitely do remember them taking off Skorge’s spiked armor in Gears 2 MP, though. So, idk. I guess it’s just something they gotta do sometimes. Like if they ever brought Karn or Ukkon to MP, their models would probably be drastically altered as well.

But, anyway…

Yeah, you actually can also see it in the Grenadier. It’s a lot less drastic, but you can tell it’s a little different.

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You: Find 10 differences!
Me: Both are dead meats…

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Dude there’s a video on YouTube I just found and it shows both models and even the faces are completely different! I get he was scaled down but talk about poor man version lol.

Gears of War 4, 3D models. Locust, Swarm, DeeBee (.c4d) - YouTube

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I hope they’ll add the campaign version of this drone eventually.

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It was made for 2 reasons

  1. They needed to shrink model to it’s acceptable size in mp to have similar chances of hit and deal damage.

  2. Removing much of details from model to mp is something desirable when you need to maintain constant framerate. If high polygon count models appears on screen, game has to draw him and it uses a lot more memory and graphics card power than simpler model (it’s obvious).

There are tons of tricks that developers uses to maintain framerate on constant level, like using low res textures in places that are considered as background or out of general focus objects, normal mapping which was largely used in unreal engine games - a method which faked you in showing high polygonal model that in reality it had half of it’s visible polygons, etc.

It always fun to catch those things and show to others. From this snippets gamer has a chance to see how games are made.

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They have to scale down the models for MP.

RAAM isn’t anywhere near the size of Marcus, but for balance they’ve shrunk him down.

Like how back in tbe day you could shoot the cape of the Theron characters and do damage to the player, now mostly fixed.

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Me too! He was my favorite! I’ve asked TC a bunch of times to add him back but I can’t do it alone, we would all have to ask them. Maybe operation 4?

He was one of the few Swarm Drones I like, he’s very similar to a Locust due to his armor.

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Same! I want him back so bad!