Campaign bugs list

While I’m waiting for my game to reboot after crashing during campaign I thought a clean list of bugs could help devs. I’m up to act 3, xbox one, coop

• Sensitivity bug (sensitivity for player 2 changes on a regular basis and is required to go into settings make a change and then change it back again to reset)

• Bot not doing tasks (requiring reset of checkpoint)

• Characters not appearing and/or triggers (don’t want to spoil anything) (requiring revert)

• invisible BOSS character, during act 3, during initial cutscene

• Geometry loading in at wrong times for non host (If you load into a game with a player who has don’t something like lowering water level in an area that won’t register for player 2)

• character not being able to get off skiff

• Game crashes particularly when loading a checkpoint, but randomly as well

• Loading Lag, (when getting a jumpscare or being attack by a bunch of enemies there is a great amount of lag loading them in that it ruins any gameplay surprise)

• Server disconnection, even tho both players are connected to server

These were some of the main ones