Campaign bug can't progress (bring beacon back to baird)

I’m in act 3 chapter 3

I can’t bring them beacon back to baird. Yes I’ve already retested the entire mission and did the turn tables before the cosmo training place. In the end, the abandoned airport doesn’t open up for me. I’ve checked the gates next to the parked planes

Also, I can’t pick up the upgrade module from a foreign language speaking women that I save who’s invisible in a room

Have you done all the water mission’s ? If not I’d reload then do the other water mission’s. Then that one and you should be able to get it thats how I got it…

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I had exactly same issue when the game just launched ( 1.5 yrs ago). As of today it’s still hasn’t been resolved for me.

So… all i can say - good luck. Don’t know what to advise but I feel your frustration.

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I’ll try this. But I don’t have high hopes from it. I’ll update in an hour or so :+1:

EDIT: @R_E_D_yota your solution worked thanks !


Nice :ok_hand: glad I could help