Campaign broken for Gears 5

I’m really hoping I can get a fix, while playing on Act III I had just finished getting the train back to the airport when Paduk gives me a objective to go get the beacons which is a mission I already did, including the side mission with the convoy, so I decided to reload the chapter since it was obviously broken. Now all of the side missions have reset including the mission to defend the airport and Bairds plane, and the Cosmonaut mission.
I ended up doing the side missions over again only to have it bugged at the pump station since I already have the component for Jack. I again seeing no resolution reloaded the save, and my progress has been wiped again.

This is incredibly frustrating, I’ve already faced the other bugs within the campaign now this, I just want to play but now I don’t want to continue playing missions I’ve already done and will be bugged by completion since I own the upgrades

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I’ve ecountered the same bug man. Post your experience also in this thread Campaign soft lock on act three, some Assembly required full of people in the same ■■■■■■ situation!