Campaign breaks apart on Chapter 3

Let’s make an open world game that if the player chooses the ‘wrong’ order to do the missions the game breaks… I’m having such a hard time in the second planet. First the bug that if you make first the cosmonaut facility you can’t progress and you have to reset the chapter. Then the patch is out, oh boy, I’m excited, I’m sure they fixed it. I arrived at home to play and then in the third water supply, when you killed the baddies and you have to take the slayer upgrade, that I already have (?) from the previous gameplay I suppose, so the game does not register, so I cannot fix the water supply and I’m stuck again.

I want to love this game so hard, and I like it a lot, but this are really amateur mistakes, you cannot make an open world game that breaks apart if you change the mission order. Doing the missions in the order you want is the CORE of an open world game.

I think you only see multiplayer. multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer. multiplayer, multiplayer
Competition, Competition, Competition, Competition, Competition, Ranking, Ranking, Ranking.

Does anybody enjoy a good campaign anymore? Do you want to play CoD (clones) to the end of days? Is anybody playing the campaing? Did the developers played the campaign before release? Because these are pretty easy to spot game breaking bugs.

It’s sad to see such a fantastic game weighed down because of poor quality control.

I’ll say it again. The biggest game now, from the biggest company in the world, has BAD QUALITY CONTROL. This world…